My name is Adie and I am a twin to Haley, little sis to Marta, and Maggie's big sister.
I am married to the best hubby, Meade, and together we spend our days with our two crazy boys, little Meade and Cooper.

My husband is a strength and conditioning coach. His knowledge of health and fitness has definitely shaped the way our family lives each day. He and I are both former college athletes and we embrace an active and physical lifestyle that often carries over to our boys. We love golfing and swimming and doing all things outdoors.

I am a teacher. Everyday I get to spend time with 23 wild kindergarten students and a plethora of fun and fantastic colleagues. I am passionate about educating people of all ages in whatever areas they need support.

We are spending a lot of time educating ourselves about Celiac Disease since one of our sons has been just diagnosed. We have embraced the lifestyle change and are excited to share our journey with you and hopefully help you learn something new along the way.

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