Mar 10, 2016

Pink Blush

Hi All!
It's been a HOT minute since I've blogged on here...some of you who follow my social media pages know that I have been on bed rest for the past 10 weeks, and counting.
A quick update on that:  I am 35 weeks and will be 36 on Tuesday the 15th.  Tuesday is a big day because they will be taking away all of my medical interventions, including the stitches that they put in 10 weeks ago when I went into labor.  They say that the removal could spark labor or maybe not...just depends on how my body reacts.  I will say that I have been having some pretty intense contractions this past week and doing my best to keep them under control with rest and medication.  She could be here ANY moment! Crazy!

In the meantime, I keep myself busy by imagining the set up and design of our new home, along with getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup some days.  I have to find ways for entertainment around here :)

So, I'm PRETTY obsessed with a women's & maternity boutique called Pink Blush.  Their shop is SO chic, pretty, and totally my style.  This is the maternity dress I recently got from them and I can't even do it justice...I need a spray tan immediately.  This is the fitted ivory and grey striped short sleeve dress.  The material is high quality and the style is just so adorable.  They have other colors, too, that I couldn't decide from!  I can't wait to do some more shopping there in the women's section post baby.  But even more cool, a lot of their maternity tops are cute and flowy enough to wear post baby without it even looking like a maternity shirt.  I always try to find cute tops that I can wear during and after pregnancy...I feel like I'm getting the most bang for my buck.  They have so many of those options.  Because who are we kidding, maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE!  Especially when they're cute.  Pink Blush is awesome in the fact that you can wear their clothes during or after pregnancy and it's not an arm and a leg for their stuff.  Love it!
And to top it all off they have other departments in their shop like an athletic line, baby line, plus size, and MORE.  The shop is amazing and you need to check it out whether you are a mom, mom to be, postpartum, or a WOMAN. ;)

I wish I could have worn this more with some more accessories, but between moving into our new home, dealing with my son and his health issues, and getting ready for baby girl, all while on bed rest, I'll take what I can get :)

Make sure you check out Pink Blush on social media too.  They have awesome deals and styles for their followers.


Tag them and me after you pick out some goodies!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Ah I love that dress! It's so cute on you!

    xo Raina

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