Jul 27, 2015

Sunday Treat Tradition: "Filkshakes"

Long time no post!
Yikes! It's been a hot minute since I've been on here.  Summer is so fun and busy and FLIES by faster than I can process it!
How has your summer been?

Austin and I have started a Sunday family tradition that is so yummy!  I can't wait for AJ and any future children to grow up and look forward to this weekly tradition and time together as they age.  I can only hope they will continue it on with their families and pass it on...or better yet, come over to our home with their own families for our Filkshakes :) (Faux Milkshakes...get it??)

I recently shared our tradition on Periscope (the new app that I am OBSESSED with- follow me on there @happyhealthymaggie) and recorded the LIVE stream so I could share it with you all!  If you've never been on Periscope, it's a form of social media that allows your posts to be LIVE for your followers.  So, rather than a video or picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that will remain on your page for likes and shares, this streams from your phone for a live "broadcast" and allows your followers to tune in and interact with you in that exact moment.  The stream stays up for 24 hours and then is gone.  People who tune in can send hearts (the same as "liking" or "favoriting" a post on other social media) and ask questions or make comments by texting onto the feed.  It's so neat to be able to interact on both sides LIVE!  If you don't have an account, I HIGHLY recommend getting one!

So, this video was recorded from my iPhone screen to share here on the blog.  I did block someone on the feed who used some foul language because I didn't think it was appropriate for that to be popping up...this is a family blog ;)  Since I blocked him for that feed, you will not see any of his comments.  I think he is a nice person, he is great at interacting with me, and always asks great questions, so I added him back after I recorded the stream and told him no more foul language or else he's blocked for good.  I'm explaining this because, there will be times that I look at the screen because I am reading the comments and questions, but his comments are no longer there for YOU all to see.  So if I randomly answer a question or stop and look at the screen, it is because I am viewing something that you can no longer see.  You will understand once you check out the video:

Like I said in the video, I was able to get all of these ingredients from my local grocery chain called Dierbergs, so I'm sure your local store would have it or something like a Walmart or even Whole Foods.

I shared one of the proteins I use besides Shakeology...I use the vegan Shakeology since I am dairy free and they don't make a vegan vanilla Shakeology which is why I shared that vegan vanilla protein.  You can absolutely add in any kind of protein or vegan Shakeology (chocolate or tropical strawberry) to go with the flavor shake you are making!  We have never done that because we make these right after our huge Sunday dinners and definitely do not need the extra calories or protein! Ha!

I've also made other flavors of shakes with strawberries for a strawberry shake and gluten and dairy free oreos for a cookies and cream shake!  Chocolate chips is our favorite :)

It is SO nice to be able to enjoy something delicious that isn't going to send me into an autoimmune flare up or make me sick, and is still amazing! You have to give it a try and even make it your Sunday treat to enjoy with your family :) Tag me if you do!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. While watching this and my daughter was on her tablet, she turns to me and says "whatever she's making sounds delish mom" ☺️ So I told her we can go get the ingredients to make us some :) thanks for sharing, new to your website