Dec 7, 2014

Holiday Fit and Fun Wish List

Hey friends!! As the Holidays approach I wanted to share a few of my favorite wish list items.  Some of them are fitness and health related.  Some of them are just what I want.  I hope some of these could help a fit friend of yours if you are needing an idea.  Happy Shopping!!!!!

Veggie and Dip saver found HERE.  They are just adorable...and make taking healthy foods more fun!!!

As a former Saluki, I am obsessed with this burgundy hat.  I would rock this to all football games and outdoor activities!!! Found HERE.
Maggie showed me this adorable site called that has the most amazing leggings and other sports wear.  I like their page because they have REAL looking people as their models.  I know what I would actually look like in their athletic clothing!!   Check out their amazing pants!!  Definitely on the top of my wish list!!
Got my hands on the coveted JCrew Herringbone vest and now I'm obsessed with layering it.  And finding adorable necklaces to layer along with it.  And plaid...just like Marta, I am also in love with the buffalo plaid.  My new fave!!!

As a P.E. teacher I get stuck wearing a lot of sweats.  However, adding a little sparkle never hurt. How adorable are these sparkle sleeve shirts?????


Also...I would love one of these reclaimed wine racks for Christmas to put in our kitchen.  Anyone with these types of skills feel free. I will gladly send you my address. :) ha ha ha

One of these "Zoodle" makers is on the top of my list as far as food gadgets go.  I want to be able to make pasta dishes healthier.  Everyone that has one of these LOVES them! I hope its under the tree!! And they aren't expensive.  This one is like $30!!!!

Another food gadget is this herb slicer.  When you use a lot of fresh herbs cutting them is a SERIOUS pain in the butt.  This gadget looks amazing and so much easier!! This year I plan on starting a REAL garden in my back yard.  So, this will be perfect for all of the fresh herbs and spices!

The new Nike Frees are my favorite training shoes.  They are NOT my favorite running shoes...just so I am clear.  They are great for doing some sort of cross training.  They are not known for cushion.  I do a lot weights mixed with cardio and plyometric training.  These do not do well big cushiony soles.  They do well with a light and low shoe!! If you are needing a TRAINING shoe try these babies out!!!! They have a million styles and colors!!
Another amazing find are these studio training shoe.  They would be great for yoga!! Now that I am obsessed with PiYo and the P90X3 Yoga DVDs these shoes are a MUST to prevent slipping!! 

So that is it as of right now.  I have an entire gift ideas Pinboard on Pinterest with ideas for myself and others.  It is the only way that I can remember things that I come across throughout the year.  I've been told that I'm hard to shop for.  :) I have a tendency to buy things as they come to mind!!!!  This helps me give ideas to others around the Holidays!!! I also love to pin things that I think would be great gifts for others.  I hope this helps you shop for your fit friends this year.  Happy Holidays!

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