Dec 1, 2014

Boy Oh Boy!!

We are so excited to announce that we are adding another Smith boy to the crazy Viefhaus family.  The streak continues.  We started out with four grandchildren in a row, and will now be adding the fifth boy to continue the streak of males.  The group of four sisters is rapidly multiplying and it is crazy to think how many boys have been added to the family lately.

I am seventeen weeks pregnant as of Wednesday, and have had an interesting pregnancy to date.  I have gained about 6 pounds so far - which I have been happy with.  I am craving nothing out of the ordinary and am finally over that non-stop sleepy feeling.  I have had to spend a bit of time on “pelvic bed rest” which is basically just a modified bed rest that eliminates working out or doing any activities that may cause my uterus to contract.  I was spotting a bit up to my 12 week appointment, so after an ultrasound they had me do a bit of resting due to placenta previa.  I have seriously missed working out, but understand the importance of keeping baby safe and sound and without problems.  At my 16 week appointment, I had to do another ultrasound to see if my situation had cleared up a bit (which it did, but I am still on bed rest).  With that ultrasound, came and extra early sneak peek at my little baby and a very early reveal as to what we were having. 

I wasn’t planning on finding out what we were having until around Christmas time – at my 20 week anatomy ultrasound.  I envisioned a fun Christmas morning surprise for the boys and getting to share that info with my family during such a special time.  Our Thanksgiving surprise turned out just as special and fun as our Christmas plans.  We got to surprise family – who didn’t even see it coming.  Most didn’t know that we even had the ultrasound.  I wasn’t sure if we would be able to see anything or not, so I didn’t mention it to most.  So exciting.

The boys were dead set that they were getting a little sister.  I felt a little bad about disappointing them, but have had such mixed feelings going in to find out what we are having.  I LOVE being a mom of boys.  We have all the goodies we need – boy clothes, and all the items to get us through baby #3.  I love how much the boys love their mama and they have made me so happy.  I couldn’t picture my life any other way – surrounded by boys.  But, I know that my hubby would have loved to have his own little daddy’s girl to love on him.  I think about my relationship with my mom and sisters and know that I will be missing that relationship as I grow – not getting a girl to grow up with.  Only daughter-in-laws and no daughters makes me start to sweat a little bit. ;) 

When I think about my boys growing up, I feel so fortunate to have them surrounded by so many amazing men; most importantly their father.  I am one of the luckiest people to have two sets of amazing grandparents for our boys – two amazing loving relationships that have been modeled to me and the hubs, and something I am so excited to pass along to them.  Not to mention, an abundance of amazing uncles.  Having three sisters adds an amazing amount of men into the picture.  Add that to Meade’s awesome brother, Schuyler, and these boys are surrounded by amazing men.  Each man in our boys’ lives will teach them so many amazing things about life and love and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to raise three beautiful boys and shape them into men that will love and honor friends and family the way the men in our lives have been able to do for us. 

Great things are in store for 2015. :)  We are due in May and I can’t wait to meet this little guy.  Let the name hunting begin – so hard to find a great name for a boy, not to mention we have used four cute ones in our family already: Meade, Tyler, Cooper and Austin (AJ).  Finding a name fit for a boy & man is a hard task – especially when you spend your day in the classroom – where many names become off-limits. ;)

In other big changes, I am taking some time away from the classroom for a bit starting next August.  HUGE change for me and the family.  I have been in the kindergarten classroom for 10 years and have loved every minute of it.  I struggled finding daycare this year for Cooper – it was a nightmare to say the least – but it ended up working out perfectly, since my sister, Maggie, is able to watch him at home with his cousin & BFF, AJ.  My sisters are the ONLY caretakers that have ever watched my boys.  Both boys went to Marta’s house until this year when Meade started Kindergarten.  I have been SO fortunate for this amazing blessing.  Who better to help raise your cuties than your own sisters?!  Next year, I will be offering that gift to others as well.  I will stay home with my boys and open up my home to outside kiddos that want loving care and truly soak in every minute of time that I can with these little bodies.   I know that I eventually will go back to the classroom, but for now, I am going to embrace every moment that I can with these boys.  They are little for such a tiny time – you blink and they start kindergarten. 

Thanks for taking a minute to share in our shenanigans.  We have a ton of fun planned this holiday season, and this exciting news only makes it more fun.  Wishing you many blessings during the holidays and all year long!!!


  1. How exciting!!! And congrats to you for being able to take a break from the classroom! I am sure you will really enjoy it!! Good luck with picking the perfect name! My husband and I are having a hard time coming up with a little girls name so I feel your pain! :)

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  3. They are adorable children. I have two kids and now both me and my husband are planning on getting the option of family balancing plan. Otherwise it would be difficult for us to handle.