Dec 11, 2014


Introducing a FREE challenge hosted by some of your favorite Team Four Fit Sisters coaches.  This is an OPEN challenge for anyone that is interested in staying on track, or getting back on track during the days leading up to Christmas.  NO pressure. NO crazy restrictions. Just FUN and FREE!

There are only a few simple rules/expectations/guidelines for you to participate:

  1. You must check in daily to our FB group.  I know how busy you are, but you can find a few minutes each day to check in to the group.  Feel free to turn OFF the notifications so you aren’t bombarded in your news feed, but DO spend a few minutes each day doing your daily check in and helping support others in the group.  We can SEE who has read the post - if you read the post, take a minute to respond and say HI!
  2. Plan to move for at least 30 minutes per day.  This can be totally informal - whether you are just starting to get moving, or if you’ve been moving around for a while, all you need is 30 minutes of walking or your favorite exercise program each day.  Your mind and body NEED this time for YOU and to reset and refocus.  Watch your favorite show, or get out and get some fresh air - either way, commit to 30 minutes & get ready to complete our daily exercise of the day (12 days of FitMas will include a move of the day!)
  3. Be purposeful and plan your meals daily.  Take time the night before, or at the start of your week and make a PLAN for what you will eat the next day.  There are no rules or restrictions about WHAT you should eat in this challenge - BUT - just taking the time to plan out your meals will ensure that you are purposeful and making great choices about what you’re eating.  Being present and conscious is half the battle.
  4. Have FUN!!!!  This is meant to spread holiday cheer while at the same time trying to stay focused on what healthy living is.  There is a holiday in just about every month of the year, and we need to remember that holidays often encourage a splurge - as they should! But, the time we spend focusing and staying on track BEFORE the holiday is what keeps that amazing balance in our lives and allows us to spend our holidays without guilt and regret.

So, are you in???  Click HERE to join today and invite your friends too.  It is FREE & FUN for all. Posts will start up on December 13 and run through Christmas Eve. Let’s do this!!! :)

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