Nov 6, 2014

What Can I Do For My Health To Get Immediate Results???

We are a society that wants everything in and INSTANT.

We send a text and we expect a reply immediately.

We need to know what's happening right after it has happened.

The news can barely keep up.

We tweet LIVE during television shows using hashtags to join in conversation.

To say we are OBSESSED with things being immediate is probably an understatement.

Why would we expect our fitness and health results to be any different?

Sadly we don't.  And then we are often SADLY disappointed.

Weight loss, if done right, is usually gradual.  The "healthy" rate is usually around 2 lbs a week.   For some this is pretty attainable.  I love the quote below because it really puts it into perspective.  If you are CONSISTENT you can do great things with your body.  However, if you lose 5 lbs this week and then go back to your old ways and add 2 lbs, then yo yo back and forth it's hard to keep track of where you should be.  This is why they say to stay away from "diets" and just make a lifestyle change.

Biggest Loser shows have severely overweight people losing up to 23 lbs in a WEEK.  Talk about instant gratification!!! That is the amount that some people want to lose all together. We watch them do it in one week on television.  People are often disappointed in the rate at which the weight falls off.  This leads to disappointment and usually they quit.

Can you blame them??? No way.  In a world where we expect things to happen in an instant it is hard to allow ourselves more time to reach a goal that is so important to us.

We have a challenge for you here at FourFitSisters!!!  We have been thinking about one of the "easiest" ways to help all of you.  Now I put "easiest" in quotations marks because it's not going to be easy at all.  In fact, it will be difficult.  However, it is most common denominator in weight gain and weight struggles...SUGAR.

We want you to look at your food labels with fresh eyes.  I have no idea what this food label is for, I just googled food label and it popped up.  But, I want you to look at it and see what's fishy...

Why is it that sugar doesn't have to put the %PERCENTAGE% on the label?????  Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium all have to tell how much of the daily value is inside the package. Sugar has NOTHING next to it besides the amount in grams.

So why doesn't sugar put a percentage on the package??? It's very simple.  People would probably not buy the product if they REALLY knew how much sugar they are supposed to be eating and how quickly most processed foods add up to 100% or more.

It's trickery I tell you :)

How many of you know how many GRAMS of sugar you should be consuming in one day?? How about teaspoons?? For most of you the answer is, "I have no idea."  This chart should really help you.
As it shows above...the spoons represents 1 teaspoon.  Each teaspoon has a little over 4 grams of sugar in it.  So let's take my own personal picture.  I am a woman.  It says I can have 6 teaspoons of sugar.  6 x 4 is 24...but let's round up because it's a "little more" than 4 grams.  This puts me at 25 grams of sugar in a day.  That was pretty quick and easy math.  It wouldn't be difficult AT ALL to put that on a food label.  But, the marketers are smart, and they know that keeping this information from you would totally benefit them.  Most people have no clue of how much sugar a day they are taking in.  If they did, they probably wouldn't buy as much. let's look at real food label.  Let's take the famous Oreo cookie.

So now knowing that you are only supposed to take in 25 grams per day of sugar you would use up over half of your allotment if you at 2 Oreo cookies.

Now wait...I forgot the glass of low fat milk to wash it down.  If you drink an 8oz glass (and who really measures out 8oz???) and add the sugar content, you are adding 11 more grams of sugar to this one snack.  You are at now at 24 grams.  You officially have 1 more gram of sugar for the rest of your day.  Is your mind blown yet??

Now...why is this so important?? It's just sugar right????


Most people have no idea that sugar is the devil, and turns straight into fat inside the body.  Our body literally doesn't know how to use it.  So it stores it and turns it into fat.  Gross.

Kind of makes you want to kick sugar to the curb right?? Well that is exactly the challenge we are proposing to you.  We want you to LOOK at the food labels.  Or even better...try not to eat packaged food.

If your food is real and NOT from a package counting calories is irrelevant.  It's that simple.

In an instant world...this is the fastest way to make a healthy change in your body.  I challenge you to start reading labels, and start doing what's best for your body today!!!  We are taking baby steps that will make a HUGE impact.  Join us on instagram or any of our facebook pages if you want to start off 2015 right and lessen the amount of sugar you are taking in.  All of the sisters are sharing meal ideas.  Look for the #4fitsugar hashtag!!! Let's share food ideas, recipes and support through social media.  Happy New Year friends!!!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome post!! Thank you for the insight and info... can't wait to show this to my almost-teenage, sugar loving son!

  2. Is this just added sugar? On My Fitness Pal app, it says I can have 60 grams of sugar a day, but I'm thinking that counts all sugar, like the sugar in an apple, etc.
    PS. LOVE THIS post! I shared this information with my teammates and they had no idea either. This is great information.

    1. Yes...this is talking about ADDED sugar. But you can over do it on natural sugars too!! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wow! I never understood why people who are trying to get healthy worry about cutting sugar so much. This post was very informative and makes it so easy to understand why sugar is something to watch. Thank you!

    1. Yes...people have been brainwashed into counting calories and staying low fat!!! Sugar is the main culprit!!!

  4. Wonderful Article! People need to be aware of this! Thank you for sharing your story! Ygeia Kai Omorfia