Oct 3, 2014


So I am OBSESSED with this movie...

Have you seen it yet????? If you haven't you need to stop what you are doing right and order it...download it...or whatever you do to get your videos.  NOW!!!  This movie will blow your mind.  It covers the main reason why as Americans we are SO sick and so addicted to food. 

The main culprit is sugar.  Sugar is the silent killer to our diets.  For far too long we have blamed FAT.  Fat doesn't make us fat...sugar does. 

We can not exercise ourselves out of this problem. 

Our school system is failing us.  President Bill Clinton talks in the movie about how we could solve 80% of our obesity problems if we fixed our school nutritional programs.  So many of our kids eat TWO meals a day at school...and the food there is GARBAGE.

We need to do something!!!

Interested in learning more??? Maggie is hosting a FED UP based challenge group!!! You will watch the movie in chapters together.  Discuss the details in a small groups setting, and attempt to eat according to the new ideas.  Email maggie at Maggie4fitsis@gmail.com for more details.

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