Aug 29, 2014

We Want to Give YOU $100

Happy Friday Fit Friends!

Ok, so as many of you know, my three sisters and I host monthly fitness challenges.
We work with our clients one on one in private groups on Facebook and help, encourage, motivate and educate our challengers on nutrition and fitness and help them reach their goals.

We have been going this for over year now and it's the most rewarding thing we have ever done!
In celebration of all of our amazing challengers,  we have a fun announcement today.

We have decided to put together a contest for all of our ROCKSTAR fitness clients this month! 


We want to celebrate YOUR hard work and efforts in our upcoming challenge groups.
So whether you are participating in my Fit for Fall session, or Adie's September 1st group, Haley's September 1st session or Maggie's September 8th group, you are eligible to win the $100 prize!!! Yay!

We will pick one winner on October 10th!

To participate, you must to the following:

1.  Enroll in one of our September sessions.  (reply to this email or email to find out how you can join one of our groups and get our support for 30 days!)

2.  Share the image above on Facebook and Instagram and tag all four of us @hausofgirls_fitfamily, @adie_fourfitsisters, @maggievee15 and @haley4fitsisters with the hashtag #fourfitsisterscontest to let us know you are entering!

2. Then post about your challenge during the entire month of September using the hashtag #fourfitsisterscontest and tag your coach: @hausofgirls_fitfamily, @adie_fourfitsisters, @maggievee15 or @haley4fitsisters.

3. Work your butt off to get fit and healthy all month long!

4. When the challenge group is over, post your before and after photo using hashtag #fourfitsisterscontest and tag all of us @hausofgirls_fitffamily, @adie_fourfitsisters, @maggievee15 & @haley4fitsisters

We will then select one winner, on October 10th, who we feel gave it 100% and we will in turn give you $100!

Are you in?!


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