Jul 24, 2014

Change happens.

"Realize that true happiness lies within you.  Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside.  Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving.  Reach out.  Share.  Smile.  Hug.  Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. "  - Og Mandino

This quote what was so perfect to share after the past few months of "change" that I've been dealing with.  I always make sure to count my blessings be truly thankful for all the positive things in my life, but I often find myself not validating the sad feelings I sometimes deal with.  I think, oh, well I can't dwell on life circumstances or allow myself to feel sad or overwhelmed about them because I have so much happiness in my life.  Well, this cycle is what lead to a very tough past week for me.

When I thought back to the past year I thought wow,  there really are so many things that I just haven't truly dealt with because I don't feel I can ever complain or get down when there are so many other people in this world who have it so much worse. Although this may be true, I'm realizing that I was just not validating my own feelings and not allowing myself to feel the way I needed to feel.  Moving on and not dealing with certain issues only leads to trouble down the road.

I have been, since Mia was diagnosed at age five with an immune deficiency,  in a constant state of worry about my girls' health (now we know that they all have auto-immune issues).  I thought back to our year and how we lost Steve's grandpa, then had to endure the pain of possibly losing our niece after she had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor……. soon after we had to bury our first pet, Booty Cat, stress about Mia's softball to the head episode in which she received her first stitches,……. then hearing the words that my mom has breast cancer, followed up with loosing my mom's cousin to cancer……. and then losing my Grandma this past week.  While dealing with all these life occurrences, I was also struggling to figure out my own health issues which has not been a fun journey by any means.

When I read this and reflect on the past, it's no wonder I had such a difficult time last week coming to terms with my Grandma's death.  It was an entire year of pushing on, invalidating my own sadness, and being "tough" because that's what I thought what was best.  While I do pride myself on being a strong person,  this has very little to do with allowing yourself to FEEL emotions.

I am learning that allowing yourself to truly FEEL your feelings and acknowledging your times of sadness and emotions, takes much more strength than just pushing forward pretending like they didn't affect you.

So, today, on my 35th birthday, I am embracing my feelings and emotions and the changes that occur in life.

I am making it my goal to learn to best deal with the sad things in life, just as much as I work on being thankful for all the good things.

"Love what you have.  Need what you want.  Accept what you receive.  Give what you can.  Always remember, what goes around, comes around……"

This Monday I asked you all to join me in spreading some JOY for my birthday week with #hausofgirls35actsofkindness.   I want to give a shout out to a few of my faves who shared their kindness with me!

Kathy Minnerly, who bought her neighbor coffee and Becky Paoli, who dropped off a backpack filled with goodies to a child in need.  I can't say enough about these two ladies.  Throughout my journey this past year as I began my fitness business, these two have been so supportive! They lift me up daily with their comments and encouraging words on all of my posts.  I can't thank you both enough and I'd love to send you one of our new Four Fit Sisters logo tank tops!

Thank you for being so supportive and for spreading JOY to others.

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