Jul 1, 2014

A Picture Worth A Thousand Negative Words

I can usually keep my thoughts and outlook pretty positive.  I am human, and have days where I get down a bit, but this weekend I had one of those bad days, where I doubted myself and the system that I work so hard on each day.

It's amazing how you can let one tiny moment creep in and start the negative talk and perceptions - it really reminded me of why so many people get overwhelmed by those moments and let the doubt take over completely.  

I have felt extremely positive lately.  Loving how I am looking and feeling and embraced swimsuit season and our fun family vacation this weekend. We spent four glorious days surrounded by water, family, fun and sun.  The boys were having a blast lake-swimming and water-sliding, and played in their first round of putt-putt golf.  It was a huge hit.  

The boys and I even posed for a family picture which is so rare these days - everyone looking and attempting to get everyone to smile at once.  

I remember glancing at the picture and doing a silent cheer that my hard work was continuing to pay off and I was pleased with how the pic turned out.  Boys looked cute, and I - usually very critical of my own pics - was beyond happy with the way I looked.  

Fast forward to our putt-putt expedition.  We had such a great time together.  We split the teams up and the boys enjoyed a great time with their grandparents and aunt and uncle.  We snapped a couple pics while we were there and when we got home Sunday afternoon, I was able to see the final products.  I hated what I saw.

How can two different pics taken by the same photographer, same night, same outfit give you two completely different feelings about yourself.  AND most importantly, why did I automatically put my faith in the one that made me feel the worst about myself.  I automatically "believed" that I was true to the picture in which I looked worse.  It is so much easier to believe the worst about yourself than the good.

I spent a day moping and feeling a bit sorry for myself and then I had that Ah Ha moment.  I opened up the good pic and looked at it and erased all of those yucky feelings.  Moved on, re-set and started to realize that one picture should not bring forward all bad thoughts.  What happened to all of the good thoughts I felt after glancing at the first picture that night?

I needed that mental shift.  I am not throwing in the towel and saying "what's the point?" I am sticking with my process and efforts because, over the long-haul I will continue to see progress and like what I see.  I will erase the negative self-talk and embrace the camera and who I am.  I am not perfect and that is okay - I have a beautiful family and three boys who love me more than anything.  

A picture IS worth a thousand words.  I will remember this picture not for the way it made me feel, but for the amazing memories we made that night.  The hole-in-ones and the fun had by all.  

Enjoy your amazing day - make some memories of your own! 
We are off to watch some soccer.  Go USA!!!!!

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