Jul 29, 2014

Fun 45 Minute Summer Circuit

Hey all.  Many of you requested to see more about a circuit I added to my IG feed.  We wanted to share it with you today.  Haley and I created a video so you can see the workouts and get an idea of what to do.

Here is the gist:

4 circuits with 3 exercises each.
Complete the circuit 3 times (45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest)
Each circuit will take you about 9 minutes.
Rest between each circuit.

It flies by and you wouldn't even know you worked out for 45 minutes!

Here is a video with the workout info and exercises.

Let us know if you have any questions!!!  We look forward to hearing your feedback. :)

Jul 24, 2014

Change happens.

"Realize that true happiness lies within you.  Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside.  Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving.  Reach out.  Share.  Smile.  Hug.  Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. "  - Og Mandino

This quote what was so perfect to share after the past few months of "change" that I've been dealing with.  I always make sure to count my blessings be truly thankful for all the positive things in my life, but I often find myself not validating the sad feelings I sometimes deal with.  I think, oh, well I can't dwell on life circumstances or allow myself to feel sad or overwhelmed about them because I have so much happiness in my life.  Well, this cycle is what lead to a very tough past week for me.

When I thought back to the past year I thought wow,  there really are so many things that I just haven't truly dealt with because I don't feel I can ever complain or get down when there are so many other people in this world who have it so much worse. Although this may be true, I'm realizing that I was just not validating my own feelings and not allowing myself to feel the way I needed to feel.  Moving on and not dealing with certain issues only leads to trouble down the road.

I have been, since Mia was diagnosed at age five with an immune deficiency,  in a constant state of worry about my girls' health (now we know that they all have auto-immune issues).  I thought back to our year and how we lost Steve's grandpa, then had to endure the pain of possibly losing our niece after she had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor……. soon after we had to bury our first pet, Booty Cat, stress about Mia's softball to the head episode in which she received her first stitches,……. then hearing the words that my mom has breast cancer, followed up with loosing my mom's cousin to cancer……. and then losing my Grandma this past week.  While dealing with all these life occurrences, I was also struggling to figure out my own health issues which has not been a fun journey by any means.

When I read this and reflect on the past, it's no wonder I had such a difficult time last week coming to terms with my Grandma's death.  It was an entire year of pushing on, invalidating my own sadness, and being "tough" because that's what I thought what was best.  While I do pride myself on being a strong person,  this has very little to do with allowing yourself to FEEL emotions.

I am learning that allowing yourself to truly FEEL your feelings and acknowledging your times of sadness and emotions, takes much more strength than just pushing forward pretending like they didn't affect you.

So, today, on my 35th birthday, I am embracing my feelings and emotions and the changes that occur in life.

I am making it my goal to learn to best deal with the sad things in life, just as much as I work on being thankful for all the good things.

"Love what you have.  Need what you want.  Accept what you receive.  Give what you can.  Always remember, what goes around, comes around……"

This Monday I asked you all to join me in spreading some JOY for my birthday week with #hausofgirls35actsofkindness.   I want to give a shout out to a few of my faves who shared their kindness with me!

Kathy Minnerly, who bought her neighbor coffee and Becky Paoli, who dropped off a backpack filled with goodies to a child in need.  I can't say enough about these two ladies.  Throughout my journey this past year as I began my fitness business, these two have been so supportive! They lift me up daily with their comments and encouraging words on all of my posts.  I can't thank you both enough and I'd love to send you one of our new Four Fit Sisters logo tank tops!

Thank you for being so supportive and for spreading JOY to others.

Jul 22, 2014

Prepping for DAAAAYYYZZZZZ!!!!!

Have you ever sat and prepped a TON of food in one sitting??

Have you ever seen people do it and think they were absolute NUTS??

Well the other morning Adie and I did JUST that.  We wanted to prep some healthy meals that were easy for our parents.   With our mother's upcoming surgery, and her being the main cook in the house, we wanted the food to be EASY and ready for her and my dad, and that's just what we did.

Here are a few tips before you start this endeavor..

#1 Grab a friend.

This job was made significantly easier with a second person.  Adie put more time into the "harder" meals" while I knocked out the very simple ones.

#2  Pick out meals that have a few ingredients.

This should be a no-brainer.  Dinner doesn't have to be fancy.  We have talked about this 9 million times on the blog.  You can do basic and delicious.  My limit is usually around 7.  If it has more than 7 ingredients I usually skip it.

#3  Crockpot Meals are amazing.

I love the crockpot.  SERIOUSLY...it is my BFF and is about to be our parents' BFF for the next few weeks.  I love to put the food in and walk away.  A lot of the meals we prepped simple need you to take the meal out and thaw in the fridge for the next day.  Easy as that.

So follow on our journey of prepping 3 weeks of meals...
Since there were two of us we both just picked out five meals each and made lists of what we needed.  Adie made her list and I made mine.  Pretty simple.   Every meal on our list was made Gluten Free and besides the lasagna, most were extremely healthy.  My family is a meat and veggies type of family, which makes eating healthy a lot easier!
Color coding the lists just makes searching in the store that much easier.  It's not rocket science.  If your list isn't in any specific order you will be bouncing around from recipe to recipe.  A lot of people re-write out there recipe by grocery section (Dairy, Produce, Canned, Meat, etc).  Instead of re-writing the list we just took a crayon and colored over our words lightly so we could easily browse over our lists.  This seemed faster in our minds!!!
This really went pretty smoothly.  Only a few things were hard to find.  We weren't sure if they made Gluten Free Cream of Chicken soup...but Dierbergs carries it!! WooHoo.  It was in three of my recipes alone.  Cream of Chicken Soup is great for seasoning stuff in the crock pot!!!
 We caffeinated ourselves for the prep work...this step is obviously optional :)
We didn't take many pictures of the actual work.  All we really did was follow the recipes.  We will share some of our favorites that we made below.   Just remember when you are prepping to write the instructions on the bag and you are finished.  We had a HUGE cooler filled with foods for the freezer.  My parents should be set for weeks.  Now, our family is all about leftovers.  We made large dinners and expect to eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week.  It is all about what is easiest right now!

So try it out.  Prep some healthy meals and have good food right at hand when you need it!!!

Here are the links to some of our favorites....

PaleOMG Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Chicken with Wild Rice

Creamy Ranch Potatoes and Pork Chops

Potato Soup

Sausage and Peppers

Black Bean and Corn Salsa Chicken

Crockpot Fajitas

Jul 8, 2014

One week PiYo results

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!

I know we celebrated here with fireworks, lots of BBQ, and BOMB POPS for the kids.  We had a wonderful time hanging out around the pool with some seasonally cool weather.  We even wore light sweaters to watch the fireworks.  Quite a change from our usual 90 plus degree 4th of Julys that I remember growing up!!!

So, today I wanted to talk a bit about the new PiYo program that just launched.  
If you haven't heard of it you are seriously missing out.  It is a Pilates and Yoga inspired workout created by the amazing Chalene Johnson.  She is a celebrity trainer, and creator or Turbofire, Turbojam and Turbokick that can be taken in gyms all over the world.  She is an inspiration to women all over, not just for her workouts, but because of her presence in the business world.  Needless to say, I love following her and sharing everything she has to offer.  Her workouts fit in nicely in my life too.

This new program is literally for EVERYONE.  Now that it has launched and I have actually done the workouts myself I can give more details specifically, not just what I had heard before I could get my hands on it!!  The workouts are especially helpful to those who need to keep their workouts LOW IMPACT.  Now, do not mistake this for EASY.  These workouts are not EASY at all.  I am literally drenched in sweat within the first 3 minutes of starting.  I keep a towel next to me the entire time so that I can wipe away the sweat and keep going.  I SWEAT more doing PiYo then some of my boot camps in 90 degree heat.  It's crazy what these workouts are doing to our bodies.  But, because they are low impact anyone can do them.  From beginner to advanced, PiYo has the ability to lengthen and strengthen your body in ways you never imagined.

Now, some feedback from clients...I have had several clients (usually the ones who have done previous workouts like T25 or Insanity) that have said they didn't feel like the workouts were "enough."  Now, I understand what they are saying.  I had some similar comments when some clients tested out the Les Mills PUMP program.  If you are used to really high intensity workouts that gets your heart beat thumping in your chest and you are out of breath, these workouts don't have that effect on you.  You are not out of breath.  These are not CARDIO workouts.  However, they work your body in a different way.  Yoga and Pilates have long been known for their STRENGTH training effects and getting the "long lean look" that most women are after.  They are meant to lengthen and build the muscles differently than other workouts.

What I try and tell my clients about this is to look a month ahead.  Remember that when you are building muscle you are doing your body a favor down the road.  When a body has more muscle to it that body burns calories when it is sitting around doing nothing.  So, as you build muscle today, you are helping your body burn calories in the future.  You may not burn as many calories as you would during a HIIT workout, or interval training, but you are building a foundation to your body that will burn calories when you aren't working out.  Especially if you are a woman, muscle is the fountain of youth.  You will not look like a body builder.  You will, however, start to lean and pull your body and skin back to where you want it to be.

I am sharing my ONE WEEK PiYo results today to show you what this workout has done for me in just one week.  I have combined the workouts, with the eating plan that came with it.  I have also replaced one meal a day with Shakeology.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about the results.

There is definitely a leaner and more toned look through the abdomen.  The core work during these DVDs is AMAZING.  You are always using your midsection to pull things tight.  The "flexing" in and out of the movements and exercises keeps the workout from becoming boring as well!!!
It's a little mortifying putting up a picture of my backside on the internet...but I wanted to keep it real.  I am not one that puts muscle on easily.  I have long been trying to tone up and lose the "mom butt" that I have inherited!!!! ha ha ha ha.  When I gain weight it's usually around my butt/hips/thigh area.  I have seen a major improvement in my "lovehandle" area.  My pants fit better after a week.
My favorite shot is definitely the side view.  The leaning out process has almost happened immediately.  Through diet and exercise my body has literally already lost inches around my mid section.  

So, for those wondering if PiYo is "enough" of a workout....I would say yes.  I have done every type of workout throughout my life.  As intense as Insanity/T25 with Shaun T, to running on my own.  The amount of sweat pouring off of your body during this workout is unlike any I have ever done.  If you want a higher calorie burn go for a walk or run with your family along with the workouts.  I have also told some of my clients to "double up" the lower body and upper body workouts into one day.  Then you have an extra day to do whatever you want. 

My next PiYo challenge group will begin July 21st.  If you are interested please shoot me an email to Haley.fourfitsisters@gmail.com.  I would be glad to give you the details of the challenge.  I would love to hold your hand through the process of this new workout.  Whether you are beginner or advanced this workout will help you.  Contact your coach to get started on this amazing program!!!!!

Who else is ready to get lean and mean before summer is over??????

Jul 1, 2014

A Picture Worth A Thousand Negative Words

I can usually keep my thoughts and outlook pretty positive.  I am human, and have days where I get down a bit, but this weekend I had one of those bad days, where I doubted myself and the system that I work so hard on each day.

It's amazing how you can let one tiny moment creep in and start the negative talk and perceptions - it really reminded me of why so many people get overwhelmed by those moments and let the doubt take over completely.  

I have felt extremely positive lately.  Loving how I am looking and feeling and embraced swimsuit season and our fun family vacation this weekend. We spent four glorious days surrounded by water, family, fun and sun.  The boys were having a blast lake-swimming and water-sliding, and played in their first round of putt-putt golf.  It was a huge hit.  

The boys and I even posed for a family picture which is so rare these days - everyone looking and attempting to get everyone to smile at once.  

I remember glancing at the picture and doing a silent cheer that my hard work was continuing to pay off and I was pleased with how the pic turned out.  Boys looked cute, and I - usually very critical of my own pics - was beyond happy with the way I looked.  

Fast forward to our putt-putt expedition.  We had such a great time together.  We split the teams up and the boys enjoyed a great time with their grandparents and aunt and uncle.  We snapped a couple pics while we were there and when we got home Sunday afternoon, I was able to see the final products.  I hated what I saw.

How can two different pics taken by the same photographer, same night, same outfit give you two completely different feelings about yourself.  AND most importantly, why did I automatically put my faith in the one that made me feel the worst about myself.  I automatically "believed" that I was true to the picture in which I looked worse.  It is so much easier to believe the worst about yourself than the good.

I spent a day moping and feeling a bit sorry for myself and then I had that Ah Ha moment.  I opened up the good pic and looked at it and erased all of those yucky feelings.  Moved on, re-set and started to realize that one picture should not bring forward all bad thoughts.  What happened to all of the good thoughts I felt after glancing at the first picture that night?

I needed that mental shift.  I am not throwing in the towel and saying "what's the point?" I am sticking with my process and efforts because, over the long-haul I will continue to see progress and like what I see.  I will erase the negative self-talk and embrace the camera and who I am.  I am not perfect and that is okay - I have a beautiful family and three boys who love me more than anything.  

A picture IS worth a thousand words.  I will remember this picture not for the way it made me feel, but for the amazing memories we made that night.  The hole-in-ones and the fun had by all.  

Enjoy your amazing day - make some memories of your own! 
We are off to watch some soccer.  Go USA!!!!!