Jun 24, 2014

Why we stick to pictures and measurements and NOT the scale.

Phew....It's been a crazy start to the summer.

First off, our school year went LATE this year.  Really late.  And that wouldn't be the end of the world if we weren't STARTING early next year.  We go back to school on August 11th.  

We got out June 6th.  This will be the SHORTEST summer in history.  This has started summer off with a bad taste in my mouth.

The day after we got out of the school was the kid's birthday party.  Craziness, cleaning, yard work, food prep, celebrating, all while trying to wrap up the end of the year stuff was so crazy and busy.  All worth it.  The kids had a great time as we celebrated with their friends!!!

Last year I ran a summer boot camp and it was fantastic.  Though we have a smaller crowd so far this year I have enjoyed it JUST as much.  Knowing people are showing up an relying on me to get them to their fitness goals has been so rewarding, and so fun.  My sisters even got to join in on the action when they were in town.  

Where I have struggled recently is putting myself first.  

I think, as mothers, this is totally normal.  It is what I talk to my clients about.  It's SO important to make sure that you are getting YOUR needs met too.  And frankly, I have not been following my own plan at the start of this summer.  Where I usually slack is in the kitchen.  We have had more crappy meals so far this summer then we probably have had COMBINED in the last two years.  I just feel gross.

About two weeks ago I posted this picture to spark conversation about weight...

I asked people to guess the weight difference between the two pictures.  Can you tell a difference??  The before picture was taken in the beginning of August last year when I was feeling good and had just lost about 8lbs.  The after picture was taken at the beginning of June.

To be honest...I was actually shocked when I put the two pictures next to each other.  I thought my "after" picture would be much worse.  I thought that I was going to see a much more drastic change.  I hadn't been sticking to the plan that I am usually on.  And I didn't feel like myself.  I was tired and a little bloated.

I think the main lesson is that I was being WAY to hard on myself.  I probably wasn't being as "bad" as I thought.  The difference to my eyes, and to everyone else, was pretty similar.  They couldn't see much of a change at all.  Some people had guessed that I lost 10lbs, while others said I had a leaner look and had maybe added 2 or 3lbs due to muscle tone.  The answer...I am up 7lbs.  What's amazing is that my clothes and everything still fit the same.  

This is the perfect example of why we need to track our progress through pictures and measurements as opposed to the scale.  If I would have only stepped on the scale I would have probably gotten really down. Now, I knew I wasn't hitting my plan hard like I should, but I also wouldn't have realized the types of gains I HAD made.  I know a TON of people who do that.  There are so many that just throw in the towel because they don't lose 3lbs the first week of a challenge.  

Now...It is is crunch time here in my house.  I have a lot of time to spend in a swimsuit the rest of the summer, and I want to feel good.  Notice I said, "FEEL GOOD."  My goal is not to be a bikini model :) My goal is to be healthy and strong and have a good balance all around.  I think I figured my pictures would be so drastic because on the inside my body was fighting me on all the crappy food I had allowed.  I already feel better and it's been about two weeks.   Remember, it's never too late to start.  Whether you 21 or 61, your body knows what it wants and needs to be healthy.  Give it the good stuff and it will treat you right!!

Also, we have a new coach training coming up next week.  I am so excited about the new coaches that are joining us in making a difference with others.  If you think you may have what it takes take a look at this picture...

Why not you??  Why can't you be the one to make a difference in someone's life?? Why can't you be the person to help others get to your goals??  Why not you??

Our training starts June 30th.  That gives us about a week to get you the information you need to get started.  Contact one of us if you want more information.  We want to make a fitter planet one soccer mom at a time :)  Who's with us??


  1. i love this and it's SO true! one of my goals is to just feel better in my clothes. not a number, just to feel better. thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Cassie. It's been a crazy and rough couple of weeks around here. Getting back on track is the best thing!!!!!!!