Jun 12, 2014

random randomness

hi friends! 
it's been awhile since i have posted. 
i have missed you! 

today i wanted to post about a few random things that are going on with me and at haus of girls.
warning: it's complete random randomness. 

it's summer so, as many of you can relate,  it's non-stop fun at haus of girls.
we are so busy.  and i love it. 
i am off all of june and july from my home daycare so i can focus on my family and put more time into my fitness business. 

well, this has been awesome so far, except i feel more busy than ever before! 
funny how that works. 

but i'm thankful.  
i feel so blessed to "do what i love."

speaking of this….do you "do what you love?" 
if not, this needs to change.  

if you happen to be into health and fitness, and more than anything, helping OTHERS, then you should email me or one of my sisters today.  

we are looking to add to our team of fitness consultants and we are hosting a training group for any of our new team members in july! 
you'll learn from us what we do with our fitness businesses…… 
so contact one of us today for more deets on this.  

and as if we aren't busy enough as is, we have decided to put together a fun softball camp this summer. 
it will be in july here is the st. louis area, for girls K-6. 

if you have a daughter that plays softball {or know someone who does} and you'd like more info on our camp click HERE

i am filling up my final 21 Day Fix session so if you want to jump in, email me today! 
it's an awesome 21 day program that really helps you get back on track with your nutrition but the best part are the 30 minute workouts and the chance you get to work with ME! 
we start june 23rd. 
are you in?

i also have a few spots left in my june 23rd sugar detox.
this is only a 14 day program but it's super intense and nutrition based for any of you that need a serious reality check on how much SUGAR you truly are consuming.

i will help you. 
you will not like me during the 14 days, but afterwards, i promise you'll love me. 

here is a quote from a recent sugar detox participant: 

"Today was the best! I've been working for a year to be taken off blood pressure meds and today it happened!! I'm down 5 pounds, and know this sugar detox has helped not only with that, but also with my positive mindset. I love reading everyone's posts and wish this group could be continuous. Definitely strength in numbers. Continued with my P90x and meal prep today, and packing my meals while on the go has been the key. Here's to a strong finish!"

and another that gave me chills: 

"Marta I can NOT thank you enough for this group! I am sitting here in tears because after 7 YEARS my cholesterol is FINALLY within NORMAL range AND my HDL (the healthy one) is higher!!!!!!! AND NO MEDS, just the Sugar Detox diet!!!!! I am so thankful that Megan Duerksen posted about this on her blog. You both have been such an answer to prayers!"

if you are needing some help making changes with your nutrition for the benefit of your health, i can help you.  i have a few more spots left in my final june detox that begins on june 23rd as well. 

to join click HERE.

i need your help!
we are leaving soon on a disney cruise. 
if you have been on one, or any cruise for that matter, feel free to leave some of your best tips in comments below. 
i'm stressing about this. 
cruising on a huge ship. 
the usual. 

any packing advice, traveling tips, cruise warnings, etc, i'd love to hear from you! 

and finally….. this.
it's going to be huge. 
it's going to sell out.
it's going to help me so much with my flexibility, core strength and muscle tone.

Here is clip to check it out!
Click HERE. 

if you want to make sure you don't miss out on this program, make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list as we will contact you when it is available.

click HERE for the link to subscribe to our blog.

have a happy weekend and I will be posting soon with my supplements that I am currently using as well as a list of what my kids eat as these are two of the most common questions i'm getting the past few weeks.

any other questions or comments?
we'd love to hear from you.
leave a comment below!

have a happy weekend fitfam.


  1. wondering if I can still have coffee on the sugar detox?

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