Apr 10, 2014

How to "diet" AND cook for your family...and BBQ Pineapple Chicken!!!

We get a lot of diet and meal plan requests here at FourFitSisters.  The biggest struggle that I see from my clients is how you successfully cook for the entire family while changing your eating habits.

Now, as women, we all know that men can usually always eat more than we can.   If you are anything like me your husband can down three times the dinner you can and maintain his weight.  It's not fair, but it's the truth.  Most husbands, though supportive, don't want to feel like they are always eating "diet" food.  I do feel like you can still make changes without totally uprooting the family.  Here are some of my tips that I go by when cooking for the family when transitioning into clean eating or a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #1 Cook one meal two ways...

I came across a recipe on Pinterest the other day, but now I can't find it.  It was the inspiration to the meal that I cooked the other night.  I only cooked one thing, but it was "presented" in two ways.  One, healthier than the other.  I cooked crockpot BBQ pineapple chicken.  It was scrumptious and easy, and the whole family loved it.

First, to cook the meat gather the following ingredients...
  • 3lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 can (20oz) of Pineapple slices or chunks...whichever you prefer
  • 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce.  We already had a Sweet Baby Ray's in the pantry.
  • Seasoning of your choice.  I had some (true story) "Big Black Dick" Key Lime Jerk seasoning that we bought in the Cayman Islands.  That is a popular brand there...Though inappropriate they make some amazing Rum :) ha ha ha
  • Options: 1 head of broccoli or cauliflower, cheese and soft tortillas
Get out your handy dandy crockpot...
And layer the ingredients in, chicken first...
Then pineapple...
Then the sauce...
And I just sprinkled a decent amount of seasoning on top to spice it up a bit...
I cooked mine for 6 hours on high.  My crockpot has a setting that turns to warm after that.  It is a lifesaver.  If you have to "watch" your crockpot I would highly recommend getting one that goes straight to WARM when the time is up.  It's magical!!!

So after the meat is cooked you will then prepare the food in two ways.  For the kids I made quesadillas.   I used some Mexican cheese and the soft tortillas.
I spooned some cooked meat and pineapples onto the tortilla...

I sprinkled with cheese...

Then I sprayed some coconut oil and threw it on the skillet for like a minute on each side.  SO EASY!

Quesadillas are then done!!!

For myself I just cut up some broccoli to add to the meat mixture.

Nothing fancy...just healthy food!!

This is the easiest way to cook for the family.  I cooked ONE thing and "presented" it two ways.  It keeps the entire family happy.

Tip #2 is to make an extra side.

Most dinners at our house consist of a meat and a veggie.  Our family is in love with those.  They are automatic at hour house.  If I am watching my intake sometimes I will make an extra side and NOT eat it myself.  A side of wild rice, or gluten free macaroni and cheese, or an applesauce for the kids is a fine side every now and then.  I know that it's something that everyone will eat, and I will just opt out.  My kids try food easily.   They are not picky.  So, they know they get what we eat and usually a side that is "safe."  Sometimes the side is a sweet potato, which they love too.  Just make it work for you.  I know Marta has posted about it before...dinner doesn't need to be FANCY.  

And Adie has posted HERE about doing little changes at a time.  You don't need to shell shock the family.  If you transition them to ONE healthy meal you will be a fitter and happier family in no time!!!


  1. I love this post!! I have been cooking 2 separate meals for the last 3 months. One for me and one for dad and the boys. This has worked, because I've lost 20 pounds so far, but it can be exhausting. My husband has been great though and he'll cook for him and the boys and just let me cook mine sometimes. I need to find more meals like this that I can just "tweak" and make both ways. Thanks for sharing--will definitely try this recipe soon!!

    1. YAY Jasmine. Yes there are a ton of options like this out there. The quicker you transition your family to one meal the easier it is on you!!!

  2. This looks DELICIOUS! Will definitely have to try this alternate presentation thing :) Thank you!!

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