Apr 29, 2014

Clean Eating While On the Road

If you haven’t noticed, when I blog I tend to relate the posts to things that are happening in my life now...pregnancy circuits, pelvic floor strength, and so on.  Inspiration is around me at all times and love sharing the inspiration from my daily events because I know you all can relate!

Austin and I recently took a road trip to Kansas for a funeral...or should I say a celebration of life, because that’s what it was.  It was last minute and we didn’t have much time to prepare for the trip.  As we were chatting during our 7 hour road trip, we got to talking about our eating habits while away from home.  It was so eye opening for us to realize what once was such a “backslide” in our “healthy” lifestyle to be on the road and eat fast food for every meal, has become second nature and easy for us to maintain our clean eating.  We drove through the towns looking at the all of the fast food stops we used to make, making comments like, “Remember when we ate at that KFC?!  Can you believe how far we’ve come?”  Frankly, the thought of stopping at one of those places grossed us out...it wasn’t even an option!
I’m here to help YOU with tips to keep your clean eating habits while on the road and out of town.
Snacks:  Find some snacks that are packed with good fats and proteins to keep you full and satisfied while on the road.  When you pack snacks that keep you full, it helps you stay on track AND stay on the road without having to stop for a giant meal.  We like to eat a big meal before we leave (like eggs and bacon), choose snacks that keep us full and hold us over until we get to our destination (or as close as we can).  Here are some of the snacks we brought with us for the road:
Kind Bars
Epic Bars
Macadamia Nuts
Almond Butter


Fast Food Tips:  On our way home, we stopped at Chipotle.  This is one of my favorite places to eat when in a hurry. When eating at Mexican fast food places like Chipotle, Qdoba, and Moe’s, stay away from the burritos.  The burritos contain wheat and an extra 200 calories!  Stick with naked burritos/burrito bowls or salads.  You could even make it paleo by leaving out the rice and beans and packing with meat, veggies, and topping with guacamole.
Other places like Jason’s Deli, McAlister’s Deli, and Pei Wei all have gluten free and CLEAN options to enjoy!
Also, to help your trip run smoothly, scout out your trip and plan ahead for your food stops.  You never want to assume that there will be a place to eat that is good for you and safe to eat.  Scouting your route ahead of time can allow for you to prepare a mini meal or snack that will hold you over if there is no place to eat.  It also allows for you to stay on track by giving you a “goal” so you don’t panic and stop at that McDonald’s because you just aren’t sure if there will be anywhere else to stop ahead (we’ve all done it).

Eating Out (or In):  When you’ve reached your destination or are stopping somewhere over night, you need to eat!!!  I have the PERFECT app for you!  It’s called “Find Me Gluten-Free.”  By clicking on your location, you can find options near you that offer gluten free food.  This SAVES me when I travel, especially to unfamiliar places.
One night at the hotel, Austin ran to the local grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner:  lettuce, avocado, cut fruit, pickled eggs (I stayed away from these, but they are really good for you), salad dressing, and utensils.  We were able to make a delicious and nutritious salad for dinner that night, all for under $20!  It was very yummy and no guilt involved.

I hope this helps keep you on track for your next trip out of town.  What are some of YOUR favorite tricks to keep a clean diet on the road?  I would love to hear!

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