Mar 12, 2014

What Can I Eat? (Bacon Wrapped Dates)

I often get asked this question by my clients.
"What can I eat?"

And honestly, I say to them, you can eat whatever you'd like.
This is the beauty of free will.
However, will eating whatever you'd like get you closer to your fitness goals, feeling great, having energy and being the healthiest you can be?

Absolutely not.

I also remind my clients of my new favorite thought/quote, "If you don't want to be like the average American (sick, overweight and unhealthy) then you must ACT DIFFERENTLY than the average American."

This thought popped in my head one morning at 6 am as I was working out.
I thought to myself, so many people are still sleeping.
So many people just go along with society in their behaviors and actions.

Is it easy to get up at 6 am and workout? No.
Is it easy to read labels, educate yourself on what you are feeding your family or prep your food, shop for groceries and meal plan? Not really.

But it's a whole lot easier, in my opinion, than being riddled with health problems, going to the doctor often and being on medication.  It's easier than having children that are struggling with behavioral issues, stomach aches, skin rashes, headaches and depression.  (Many of these symptoms can be healed with a diet change!!!)

In my opinion, I think it's easier to be unique and behave differently that the average American on several levels.

So I help my clients figure out how to eat in a manner that allows them to FEEL their best.
After being a fitness consultant for almost a year, I can say, that this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done with my life.

To watch my clients transform from feeling sad, lethargic and bloated to energetic, happy and FIT is my true passion.

Today I want to have you all take my short quiz to test how HEALTHY you (and your family) feel.
How is your body operating?
Is it operating at 20%? Maybe 40%?

Let's find out.
These are my own questions that, after a year of consulting, I use in evaluating whether or not I feel like someone could improve how they FEEL by changing their diet.

Here we go: (some questions are TMI…. sorry!)

1. Do you ever get waves of exhaustion?
2. Do you feel sad randomly for no reason?
3. Do you feel anxious on occasion for no reason? Overwhelmed is another way I describe this.
4. Do you feel gassy and bloated more than once a month?
5. Do you have mood swings? Happy one minute and then crabby and sad the next?
6. Do you skip days before having a bowel movement? (We should all have one daily!)
7. Do you get "brain fog" where you feel spacey and out of it?
8. Do you get acid reflux more than once a month?
9. Do you have any tiny rough bumps on your skin (any rashes really) in any location?
10. Do you have recurrent infections like sinus, strep or "allergies?"

Ok! How did you do?
How many did you answer yes to?

I hope ZERO!

But in my heart, I feel probably 95% of you said yes to several of these questions.
This is at least what I've documented in the past year of doing my challenge groups.

This is so sad to me as I feel we should ALL be living the healthiest and happiest we possibly can.

What if I told you that all of these "symptoms" are exactly that.
Symptoms of what you are putting into your body.
Most health issues, I've found, are actually just symptoms caused by something.

In the past year I have read and learned about people being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy, to name a few, when in fact, their bodies were just reacting and having symptoms to food.  Crazy.

You are not born with an irritable bowel, for example.
Your bowel is irritable for a reason!

Figuring out the reason is the hard part but I'm telling you from personal experience, it's SO worth it to put in the time to focus on YOUR HEALTH and HAPPINESS to figure out what is causing your symptoms.

My sisters and I can help you do this.

We work with small groups every single month for 30 days teaching you how to HEAL from the inside out.

Overall wellness, health and happiness is our number one goal for our clients.
Contact any of us for more information on how we can help YOU feel better.

*I personally have a 30 day session starting on Monday and I'm closing the group today.
It's $30 for 30 days and I'll help with your nutrition and a workout plan….. email me if you are interested!

Today, I'll leave you with my new favorite recipe….
Bacon Wrapped Dates. 
Ummmmmmm, why did no one tell me about these before? Seriously so good!

What your cute self will need:
8 bacon slices cut in half
16 large Medjool Dates
16 whole raw almonds

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Open up dates gently with a knife.
Stuff each with an almond and wrap with half a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
Place on a shallow baking sheet and bake, bacon seam down, for about 7 minutes.
Flip and bake for another 7 minutes or until bacon is crispy.
Serve warm or cold, and store leftovers in the fridge.

Tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you make these (IG: hausofgirls_fitfamily & FB: Haus of Girls Fit Family) as I'd love to see how many of you are as obsessed as I am with the yumminess of these sweet and salty pop-in-your-mouth snacks!

XOXO Marta


  1. Thanks Jasmine!!! Glad to have you as a reader and thanks for the kind words. Love this post too. Marta nailed it. Eat what you want, right??

    Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Love this post! Marta will always have such a special place in my heart!

  3. Seriously!!!! LOVE that I found you thru Meg's "Whatever" blog! I have been trying to get this point across to ppl for yrs. It hurts me that they don't want to hear it. Physically hurts sometimes:( I am eating clean, gf, df, mostly sugar free, soy free and I still answered 3 yes and 2 occasionally. I go to a holistic chiro (and have for 7 yrs) I'm not sure what else is going on with me. Obviously my Hashimoto plays a part in those first 3 yeses. and clearly the fact that I don't exercise much...I am trying to do SOMETHING everyday. And I so bad want to get to the FIT AND STRONG stage!!! Do you have another opening anytime soon that I could join? I feel like I need something else in my life. Some kind of encouragement and support from someone who thinks and eats like i do. I seriously have noone else in my life that does to the extent I do. And you guys sound like my kind of ppl:) I would love if you could email me Marta! jmierandco at gmail dot com