Mar 18, 2014

The Craziness of Life...

So, this past week has been CRAZY!!!!! It started with BIRTHDAY weekend for Adie and me, and the start of my Spring Break!! We went to a trampoline park for our birthday in the morning and a wonderful dinner with family and friends in the evening.

In case you live under a rock we welcomed a new nephew into the world.  Austin Jake is amazing and perfect.  I wanted to steal him.  My already crazy baby fever is on HIGH ALERT now.  It's out of control how cute he his.  The sexes are finally evened up in our family now.  We started with FOUR cousin girls in a row, and with the addition of AJ we have evened it up to make FOUR boys in a row. When you are from a HAUS of girls, like we are, it's awesome to embrace the boy life!!!

We also had a Skype interview with an agency that may or may not want to do a TV show with us.  Sadly, Maggie couldn't make it since she was birthing a child :) NO big deal!!!

But, now this week is about to get even CRAZIER!!!!!

I have the opportunity to meet a friend that I met through Blogging.  Yep.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.  He can't believe I am flying across the country to stay with a friend that I've never met.  We have been planning this event for THREE years!! Seriously, that is how long we have wanted to meet.  We text every day, and I'm pretty much squealing as I write this because I'm that excited.

Erin from Bringing Up Burns is kind of my mom crush.  Besides my sisters, she is the mom that I look up to the most.  Her creativity, her marriage, and her absolute shining love for her children are all the things that I aspire to be as a mother and wife.  She is freaking amazing.  I want to steal ALL of her ideas and pretend like they are mine.

I mean...her BACK TO SCHOOL EVE party.  Are you kidding me with the cuteness???

SERIOUSLY???? And all of her movie premier parties are RIDICULOUS.  But her upcoming one is the one I get to be at.  I freaking CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

The movie DIVERGENT opens this weekend and I finally get to meet Erin in real life!!! Here are some more of her skills that I get to witness in real life.
Bringing Up Burns
Bringing Up Burns
Bringing Up Burns
Seriously, her creativity is mind blowing.  She created all of these printables for the premiere.  You can get your hands on them HERE.

Her and my love for reading is where our friendship has really grown.  She is my main inspiration for my love of reading.  It's not like I didn't read before meeting her...but, she convinced me to read a few books I NEVER thought I would, and it has created a new love, and so many other new relationships.  If I want to start a new book I always go to her.  She is kind of my book guru.  I know that if she liked it, I will like it.  It's awesome!!!

Besides my love for all things Fitness and Health, reading may come a close second.  This is all because of Erin.  I can not wait to share my pics of this amazing weekend in California.  Stay tuned for the after pictures!!!


  1. Congrats on the new nephew! He is adorable!!

  2. Ohmygoodness. Your sweet words are making me blush. I am just as excited to meet you!! Can't believe it is FINALLY here. And my husband is soooo used to me saying "Hey, this person I met on the internet is coming to stay at our house for a few days." Marta was one of my first blogger meet-up house guests almost 5 years ago!! Crazy. Counting down til Thursday. It's going to be a great weekend. Love you.

    1. I's totally normal to him now. I love it. One day my husband will be used to it!!

  3. Seriously what a beautiful little boy!!!! He makes me melt! Congrats on the new nephew and Happy Birthday!! Hope you have fun on your meet up! a TV show is pretty incredible, that would be amazing!

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