Mar 21, 2014

Spring is in the Air - Park & Stroller Workout

I can't even tell you the BLISS that is spring time in the midwest.  We have had a harsh winter here in St. Louis.  One of the coldest, snowiest, and what feels like the longest winters we've had in a very long time.  It has been brutal. 

If you live somewhere that has sunshine year round, consider yourself very lucky because the winter blues had me down for the count this winter.  The funny part is, that I don't even notice that I was "blue" until the sun comes out and I am reminded again of the bliss. 

Today, I caught myself forgetting to use the real sun as an option to warm up.  It was near 70 degrees outside today.  My house was cool and for just a second, I thought about hopping in the shower to warm up a bit.  DUH.  Then, I spied outside and my deck was glowing and I just sat in the sun like a reptile and soaked in as much as I could before I started to feel like I was getting a sun burn.  Boy have I missed the warmth.

With spring comes plentiful options to get outside and get moving again.  Things that we midwesterners seriously look forward to come March.  I am chomping at the bit to leave school each day with double stroller in tow and hit up the local parks with the boys.  I recently added Les Mills Pump to my workout stash and am super stoked about the opportunities to spice up my cardio and "off days" with walks and runs that some of my other programs don't offer as much.  Don't get me wrong - those other programs are exactly what I need to make it through the winters without looking like I plumped up to hibernate.  As mentioned, getting outside to workout is not an option with our frigid temps and piles of snow all around.  So now that the snow has thawed and outdoors is an option, I am thankful for the opportunity to get outside with my boys and spend some quality time with them. 

I wanted to give you mamas out there a fun and quick stroller / park workout that you can do with your kiddos that gets your heart pumpin' and muscles ready to come out to play this spring.  This is something I can keep in my car and use at a moment's notice.  No excuses right?!  We got this.

Start with a 5 minute warm up - just walk quickly with your cuties in the stroller.  Walk fast enough to get your heart going, but not so fast that it feels like you're running - that comes next!

You will be completing the next 4 exercises without a formal rest - just start the next move when you feel ready.  Complete this circuit 4 times for a quick and fun workout and some family bonding.

1.  Run for 400 meters or about 2.5 minutes.  If you use an app that can track your distance, then that is great.  (I use MapMyRun)  Trot for 400 meters at a brisk pace - this takes me roughtly 2.5 minutes if I am running about a 10 minute mile pace.  Go faster if you can, or slower if you need too.  Just make sure it's faster than your warm up. 

2.  30 second planks.  Just the "rest" you need after running.  Deep breathing and focus as you tighten your abs and glutes.  I usually keep a towel with me in the stroller so I can put my arms down somewhere in the grass for these. 

3.  30 squats.  Drop it like a squat.  Since you're not using weights, bump up the reps to about 30.  Make sure you're using good technique.  Click HERE if you're unsure how to perform a good squat.

4.  10 push-ups.  After you finish your squats, knock out 10 push ups.  Try your best to do them on your toes to start.  Go down to your knees if you need to - just be sure to do all 10.

After you finish the first two rounds, the end is so close that I can always push through.  Before you know it, you ran a whole mile, worked your arms, legs and abs.  Easy peasy. 

Enjoy this beautiful weather and get out there and move with your cuties.  Think about the great example you get to be for them and what great lessons they learn from you and your actions. 

I'd love to hear how the workout goes for you - leave a comment if you try it out!



  1. Love this! Will be giving it a whirl on Saturday morning :)

  2. Thank you for showing how to do a squat properly- Definitely needed a refresher!

  3. Fantastic! Ugh this winter has been never ending, I live in New England near Boston and its a nightmare! Just can't wait to go outside and feel warmth!