Mar 28, 2014

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Soy-free and Refined sugar-free NO BAKE Coconut Apricot Freezer Squares

As many of you know, I love me some dessert.
Like, a lot.
I have a major sweet tooth.

So when I was diagnosed on the Celiac spectrum, I was so sad that I would never get to indulge in cupcakes and cookies in the regular world.
Yes, I still can enjoy a cupcake and cookie if I want, it just now needs to be made without wheat.

But after time, I realized how much BETTER I felt without all that refined sugar and junk in my diet.

I learned fairly quickly that instead all swapping all my old faves, likes cookies, breads and cupcakes with gluten free versions, I could create yummy HEALTHIER treats that are free of all of the things that cause inflammation in many of our bodies (and most people don't even realize it's happening)…. things like grains, dairy, gluten and refined sugars.

(Flashback Friday photo. Gracie, age 3)

So today I'm sharing one of my favorite no-bake desserts that I am obsessed with.
I love no-bake options.
Especially in the spring and summer when I limit my oven use as much as possible due to a kitchen that gets HOT.

The recipe I'm sharing today is sooooooooo good.
I posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram the other day explaining that many of you may want to make-out with me after I share it with you…….

I call them  Coconut & Apricot Freezer Squares.

Keep these tucked away in your freezer to pull out whenever your sweet tooth strikes.
Packed with healthy fats from whole foods, just one square will satisfy even the peskiest of cravings.

*Note, if you are not a fan of coconut & apricot, you can make Cranberry & Almond Squares by simply replacing the sunflower seed butter with almond butter and use dried cranberries instead of the apricots.

Ok, here is what your cute self will need:

1/2 cup coconut butter, such as Artisana
1 T virgin coconut oil
3/4 cup (packed) pitted Medjool dates
3 T unsweetened sunflower seed butter (or any nut butter)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
pinch of sea salt
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 cup (packed) dried apricots, chopped small
1-2 T water as needed

Line an 8 x 8 inch baking dish with parchment paper, leaving an overhand of at least 1 inch.  You'll use this overhand later as a handle to life the bars out of the pan.

In small pot, over VERY low heat, combine the coconut butter and coconut oil.  Stir constantly until melted and smooth.  Transfer to your food processor with steel blade in place.  Add the dates, sunflower seed butter, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and salt.  Process until the dates are finely chopped and mixture resembles a slightly oily dough.  Transfer to large bowl.

Add the coconut and chopped dried apricots to the bowl with dough and stir to combine.  The dough should hold together when squeezed with your fingers.  If it feels dry or crumbly, add the water 1 T at a time to achieve the right texture.  Do not use anymore water than necessary to make the dough stick together when you squeeze it.

Pat the dough firmly and evenly into the parchment-lined baking dish.
Freeze until firm, at least 30 minutes.  Using parchment paper overhang, remove the bar slab from the dish and cut into 25 (1 1/2 inch) squares with a sharp knife.
Store the squares in the freezer or refrigerator in an airtight container.

Try not to eat them all in one night.

*Tag us on Instagram (find me at @hausofgirls_fitfamily) or on Facebook using the hashtag #FourFitSisters.

Tell us what you think and share with us so we can virtually high five you for creating a yummy HEALTHY treat for your family.



Mar 25, 2014

Austin Jake Panter

I am alive...sorry I've been out for so long!  I've missed you all!

I would like to formally introduce our son AJ.
AJ was born on March 13th at 1:07 PM, weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces.
I cannot begin to describe how happy our family is and how blessed we are to have this little man in our lives!  He is such a sweet baby boy and (luckily) a great sleeper!  Our hearts are FULL!

The 20th was my birthday as well as AJ turning ONE week old...sigh.

Labor and delivery came and went...FASTEST. LABOR. EVER.  Started feeling my contractions around 8am.  I figured I would have some time to labor in the tub for a while...NOT.  I was in there for 5 minutes before getting out and telling Austin to pack up and get in the car NOW!  We got to the hospital at 10:30 and I was 8cm!  They moved me to a labor & delivery room where I had a few more contractions and could definitely FEEL the progression.  They checked me and I was a full 10cm.  Next thing I know, I was pushing (only about 30 minutes) and holding my sweet boy in my arms.

I had some serious damage done to my lady parts during the birth due to the speedy nature of labor and delivery and the fact that little AJ had an arm wrapped around his neck as he moved down the birth canal. Since everything happened so quickly, my body didn't have much time to adapt...and his little elbow was pointy!  The doc worked on me for about 45 minutes after he was born.  About 20 minutes after she had "finished" I still wasn't feeling well.  I got very light headed and pale.  They rushed me off to the O.R. to find some hidden tears.  Obviously everything is fine now!  They fixed me up and I'm feeling much better.

A FIT pregnancy

Some of you know that I had preterm labor and had to go on full bed rest around 28 weeks.  I stopped working out around 23 weeks because of the preterm labor as well.  That being said, I couldn't have the physical activity that I would have liked to have during my pregnancy.  But, I was able to stay on track through my diet.  My husband and I followed a (mostly) paleo lifestyle throughout my pregnancy and continue to do so today.  I truly believe that my diet has made all the difference in the way my body has responded to postpartum life.  I am 11 days postpartum and only 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.
I'm honestly not worried about the number on the scale.  In fact, I expect it to go UP when I start lifting and working out again.  I need my muscles back!!!  But this takes time...I know that I have had a lot of quick results with my weight and losing my belly, but the muscle tone and final "layer of fat" will definitely take some time and hard work.  And honestly, I am so excited to get started!

So excited, that I am actually hosting a challenge this April and doing it WITH the challengers.  A hybrid of "Heal Your Gut" with Les Mills PUMP (my favorite workout) which is on sale this month!  A challenge pack is $180 and usually $ if you have EVER considered trying this program, NOW is the time to do it.  All the equipment is INCLUDED with the purchase and is yours FOREVER.  You have 5 days to order!  Email me at if you want to join :)  We get to support one another on our journeys to reach our goals.  Let's do it!

Mar 21, 2014

Spring is in the Air - Park & Stroller Workout

I can't even tell you the BLISS that is spring time in the midwest.  We have had a harsh winter here in St. Louis.  One of the coldest, snowiest, and what feels like the longest winters we've had in a very long time.  It has been brutal. 

If you live somewhere that has sunshine year round, consider yourself very lucky because the winter blues had me down for the count this winter.  The funny part is, that I don't even notice that I was "blue" until the sun comes out and I am reminded again of the bliss. 

Today, I caught myself forgetting to use the real sun as an option to warm up.  It was near 70 degrees outside today.  My house was cool and for just a second, I thought about hopping in the shower to warm up a bit.  DUH.  Then, I spied outside and my deck was glowing and I just sat in the sun like a reptile and soaked in as much as I could before I started to feel like I was getting a sun burn.  Boy have I missed the warmth.

With spring comes plentiful options to get outside and get moving again.  Things that we midwesterners seriously look forward to come March.  I am chomping at the bit to leave school each day with double stroller in tow and hit up the local parks with the boys.  I recently added Les Mills Pump to my workout stash and am super stoked about the opportunities to spice up my cardio and "off days" with walks and runs that some of my other programs don't offer as much.  Don't get me wrong - those other programs are exactly what I need to make it through the winters without looking like I plumped up to hibernate.  As mentioned, getting outside to workout is not an option with our frigid temps and piles of snow all around.  So now that the snow has thawed and outdoors is an option, I am thankful for the opportunity to get outside with my boys and spend some quality time with them. 

I wanted to give you mamas out there a fun and quick stroller / park workout that you can do with your kiddos that gets your heart pumpin' and muscles ready to come out to play this spring.  This is something I can keep in my car and use at a moment's notice.  No excuses right?!  We got this.

Start with a 5 minute warm up - just walk quickly with your cuties in the stroller.  Walk fast enough to get your heart going, but not so fast that it feels like you're running - that comes next!

You will be completing the next 4 exercises without a formal rest - just start the next move when you feel ready.  Complete this circuit 4 times for a quick and fun workout and some family bonding.

1.  Run for 400 meters or about 2.5 minutes.  If you use an app that can track your distance, then that is great.  (I use MapMyRun)  Trot for 400 meters at a brisk pace - this takes me roughtly 2.5 minutes if I am running about a 10 minute mile pace.  Go faster if you can, or slower if you need too.  Just make sure it's faster than your warm up. 

2.  30 second planks.  Just the "rest" you need after running.  Deep breathing and focus as you tighten your abs and glutes.  I usually keep a towel with me in the stroller so I can put my arms down somewhere in the grass for these. 

3.  30 squats.  Drop it like a squat.  Since you're not using weights, bump up the reps to about 30.  Make sure you're using good technique.  Click HERE if you're unsure how to perform a good squat.

4.  10 push-ups.  After you finish your squats, knock out 10 push ups.  Try your best to do them on your toes to start.  Go down to your knees if you need to - just be sure to do all 10.

After you finish the first two rounds, the end is so close that I can always push through.  Before you know it, you ran a whole mile, worked your arms, legs and abs.  Easy peasy. 

Enjoy this beautiful weather and get out there and move with your cuties.  Think about the great example you get to be for them and what great lessons they learn from you and your actions. 

I'd love to hear how the workout goes for you - leave a comment if you try it out!


Mar 18, 2014

The Craziness of Life...

So, this past week has been CRAZY!!!!! It started with BIRTHDAY weekend for Adie and me, and the start of my Spring Break!! We went to a trampoline park for our birthday in the morning and a wonderful dinner with family and friends in the evening.

In case you live under a rock we welcomed a new nephew into the world.  Austin Jake is amazing and perfect.  I wanted to steal him.  My already crazy baby fever is on HIGH ALERT now.  It's out of control how cute he his.  The sexes are finally evened up in our family now.  We started with FOUR cousin girls in a row, and with the addition of AJ we have evened it up to make FOUR boys in a row. When you are from a HAUS of girls, like we are, it's awesome to embrace the boy life!!!

We also had a Skype interview with an agency that may or may not want to do a TV show with us.  Sadly, Maggie couldn't make it since she was birthing a child :) NO big deal!!!

But, now this week is about to get even CRAZIER!!!!!

I have the opportunity to meet a friend that I met through Blogging.  Yep.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.  He can't believe I am flying across the country to stay with a friend that I've never met.  We have been planning this event for THREE years!! Seriously, that is how long we have wanted to meet.  We text every day, and I'm pretty much squealing as I write this because I'm that excited.

Erin from Bringing Up Burns is kind of my mom crush.  Besides my sisters, she is the mom that I look up to the most.  Her creativity, her marriage, and her absolute shining love for her children are all the things that I aspire to be as a mother and wife.  She is freaking amazing.  I want to steal ALL of her ideas and pretend like they are mine.

I mean...her BACK TO SCHOOL EVE party.  Are you kidding me with the cuteness???

SERIOUSLY???? And all of her movie premier parties are RIDICULOUS.  But her upcoming one is the one I get to be at.  I freaking CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

The movie DIVERGENT opens this weekend and I finally get to meet Erin in real life!!! Here are some more of her skills that I get to witness in real life.
Bringing Up Burns
Bringing Up Burns
Bringing Up Burns
Seriously, her creativity is mind blowing.  She created all of these printables for the premiere.  You can get your hands on them HERE.

Her and my love for reading is where our friendship has really grown.  She is my main inspiration for my love of reading.  It's not like I didn't read before meeting her...but, she convinced me to read a few books I NEVER thought I would, and it has created a new love, and so many other new relationships.  If I want to start a new book I always go to her.  She is kind of my book guru.  I know that if she liked it, I will like it.  It's awesome!!!

Besides my love for all things Fitness and Health, reading may come a close second.  This is all because of Erin.  I can not wait to share my pics of this amazing weekend in California.  Stay tuned for the after pictures!!!

Mar 12, 2014

What Can I Eat? (Bacon Wrapped Dates)

I often get asked this question by my clients.
"What can I eat?"

And honestly, I say to them, you can eat whatever you'd like.
This is the beauty of free will.
However, will eating whatever you'd like get you closer to your fitness goals, feeling great, having energy and being the healthiest you can be?

Absolutely not.

I also remind my clients of my new favorite thought/quote, "If you don't want to be like the average American (sick, overweight and unhealthy) then you must ACT DIFFERENTLY than the average American."

This thought popped in my head one morning at 6 am as I was working out.
I thought to myself, so many people are still sleeping.
So many people just go along with society in their behaviors and actions.

Is it easy to get up at 6 am and workout? No.
Is it easy to read labels, educate yourself on what you are feeding your family or prep your food, shop for groceries and meal plan? Not really.

But it's a whole lot easier, in my opinion, than being riddled with health problems, going to the doctor often and being on medication.  It's easier than having children that are struggling with behavioral issues, stomach aches, skin rashes, headaches and depression.  (Many of these symptoms can be healed with a diet change!!!)

In my opinion, I think it's easier to be unique and behave differently that the average American on several levels.

So I help my clients figure out how to eat in a manner that allows them to FEEL their best.
After being a fitness consultant for almost a year, I can say, that this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done with my life.

To watch my clients transform from feeling sad, lethargic and bloated to energetic, happy and FIT is my true passion.

Today I want to have you all take my short quiz to test how HEALTHY you (and your family) feel.
How is your body operating?
Is it operating at 20%? Maybe 40%?

Let's find out.
These are my own questions that, after a year of consulting, I use in evaluating whether or not I feel like someone could improve how they FEEL by changing their diet.

Here we go: (some questions are TMI…. sorry!)

1. Do you ever get waves of exhaustion?
2. Do you feel sad randomly for no reason?
3. Do you feel anxious on occasion for no reason? Overwhelmed is another way I describe this.
4. Do you feel gassy and bloated more than once a month?
5. Do you have mood swings? Happy one minute and then crabby and sad the next?
6. Do you skip days before having a bowel movement? (We should all have one daily!)
7. Do you get "brain fog" where you feel spacey and out of it?
8. Do you get acid reflux more than once a month?
9. Do you have any tiny rough bumps on your skin (any rashes really) in any location?
10. Do you have recurrent infections like sinus, strep or "allergies?"

Ok! How did you do?
How many did you answer yes to?

I hope ZERO!

But in my heart, I feel probably 95% of you said yes to several of these questions.
This is at least what I've documented in the past year of doing my challenge groups.

This is so sad to me as I feel we should ALL be living the healthiest and happiest we possibly can.

What if I told you that all of these "symptoms" are exactly that.
Symptoms of what you are putting into your body.
Most health issues, I've found, are actually just symptoms caused by something.

In the past year I have read and learned about people being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy, to name a few, when in fact, their bodies were just reacting and having symptoms to food.  Crazy.

You are not born with an irritable bowel, for example.
Your bowel is irritable for a reason!

Figuring out the reason is the hard part but I'm telling you from personal experience, it's SO worth it to put in the time to focus on YOUR HEALTH and HAPPINESS to figure out what is causing your symptoms.

My sisters and I can help you do this.

We work with small groups every single month for 30 days teaching you how to HEAL from the inside out.

Overall wellness, health and happiness is our number one goal for our clients.
Contact any of us for more information on how we can help YOU feel better.

*I personally have a 30 day session starting on Monday and I'm closing the group today.
It's $30 for 30 days and I'll help with your nutrition and a workout plan….. email me if you are interested!

Today, I'll leave you with my new favorite recipe….
Bacon Wrapped Dates. 
Ummmmmmm, why did no one tell me about these before? Seriously so good!

What your cute self will need:
8 bacon slices cut in half
16 large Medjool Dates
16 whole raw almonds

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Open up dates gently with a knife.
Stuff each with an almond and wrap with half a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
Place on a shallow baking sheet and bake, bacon seam down, for about 7 minutes.
Flip and bake for another 7 minutes or until bacon is crispy.
Serve warm or cold, and store leftovers in the fridge.

Tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you make these (IG: hausofgirls_fitfamily & FB: Haus of Girls Fit Family) as I'd love to see how many of you are as obsessed as I am with the yumminess of these sweet and salty pop-in-your-mouth snacks!

XOXO Marta

Mar 6, 2014

What to do with your "mom pooch" ???

Hey everyone!  I put a question on my Facebook page last night asking what people wanted me to talk about and it seems like the "mom pooch" or "mom roll" won.

Unknown Source

First of all...if your belly looks anything like this congrats.  It's really a badge of honor.  You cooked a little nugget in there.  It was stretched out and poked and prodded.  But, how do we get it back into the shape you desire??

The one thing you will see that is lacking in most "mom pooches" is a lot of muscle tone.  When your abdominal wall is stretched to the max it loses it's elasticity.  Part of this is completely genetic.  You have elastic skin or you don't.  I am on the "don't" spectrum.  In order to get it back you must rebuild that strength with resistance training.  I have LONG had that "loose" look.  I gained almost 60 pounds with Ella.  I was seriously stretched out.  Before, when I looked down while holding a plank my skin would hang.  *GAG*  After last summer I can honestly say that its pretty much gone.   I have developed enough strength to where it has returned to being flat.
Step #1 in improving your mom roll is to do exercises that pull the abdomen back toward the spine.
These exercises work the abs from the bottom to the top!!!

Here are a few of my favorite abdominal moves for pulling the abdominal muscles back in:
Shape Magazine

Like I said, you will notice that the ab work above is focused a lot on the LOWER abs.  No crunches or plain sit ups.  Moves that target your entire core will help pull the skin and muscles back where they need to be.  This leads me to my next point...

Step #2 Train like an athlete.  Athletic moves are what helped me finally get my core strong and toned again.  Most of the moves I find the most successful can be found in my soulmate workout...Les Mills PUMP.  I know you all have heard me talk about it before, it's a girls best friend.

If you have never taken a barbell class before you are truly missing out on an amazing body transforming workout.  Most of you probably didn't realize that you can also do it in the privacy of your home with Les Mills PUMP.  These workouts take "burn" to a whole new level.  With the "rep effect" the workout cranks out HUNDREDS of reps before you are finished.  It works different body parts for 5 minutes at a time, constantly changing the tempo of the moves so your muscles are tricked and stuck guessing.  You work on a muscle group just long enough until you move to the next part.  The workouts fly by.  I love how a new instructor pops in for each body part.  You never get bored.  I also love that its a 3 to 4 day a week program.

For me, it was exactly what I needed to get rid of my "mom roll."

The picture on the left is from the summer of 2012.  The picture on the right is from the summer of 2013.  Definitely lost the softness and pulled the skin back in.  Thank you Les Mills!!!

***People have been asking about this program and are really intimidated by the barbell.  Don't be.  It's not scary.  It's amazing.

The real work, however, happens in the kitchen...
Shape Magazine
Step #3 Diet.  It doesn't matter what type of exercises you do. None of that hard work will show without the right diet.  This where the phrase "abs are made in the kitchen" comes from.

If you need help getting rid of your mom roll let us know.  Our challenge groups combine exercise, nutrition and accountability.  Your mom roll wants you to contact us :)

Mar 4, 2014

3 Simple Steps to Better Health for Your Family

So I’ve gotten so many questions recently about HOW to make better choices for yourself and your family.  I know that people are so interested in getting and staying healthy, they truly just don’t know where to start.  I appreciate this statement more than anything – and also realize it is the most common reason why people stay exactly where they are.  The idea of getting healthier is so overwhelming and can literally stop you in your tracks.  It is almost paralyzing trying to figure out in which direction to head, how fast to go, and which turn to make.  I am writing today to help you navigate your way through the chatter of the health and fitness world and hold your hand as you embrace the journey to supporting your family in 2014.

I have come up with a short list of ways to support you through this process.  Things that I think will help your journey stay successful and not digress.  We want you to continue to move forward, not throw in the towel when you hit a bump.
1.       Read and do your research.
When buying a new house, car, appliance or other big purchase, you do your research before diving in.  Making changes in your faith or financial situations – always accompanied with research and hearty conversations.  Why would it be any exception when making health changes?  Before you decide what changes to make, get up-to-speed on the change and immerse yourself in research and learning.  Knowledge is power and you can never UN-KNOW the things you have learned.  Especially when it comes to diet and foods.  The biggest reason that my family was able to stick to a gluten-free diet is because I learned about what gluten does to people.  Once those concepts entered my brain, I couldn’t knowingly give it to my family any more.  You have to EMBRACE and BELIEVE in your changes before you change.  Otherwise, it feels like a job or peer pressure as opposed to a choice.  I compare this to smoking.  I know what smoking can do to people.  I wouldn’t expose myself or my children to second-hand smoke purposely and willingly after having the knowledge about what it can do to them.  Food choices are no different.  I can preach to you all day about how it has helped me and my family, but at the end of the day, you need to believe and know that the changes you are considering are the right changes for you and yours.  So do your research.  If you need a great place to start, here are a few of my favorite reads that got me and my family moving in the right direction {for us}. 

                        Wheat Belly

                        Primal Body, Primal Mind

                        Grain Brain

2.        Come up with a PLAN  of action 
It sounds great to go cold turkey, and if you’re alone in this journey or only dealing with adults, then that may be much simpler.  However, if your journey includes children or a partner that isn’t quite on board with you, it may be easiest to roll out the new changes in baby steps.  Decide what is most important to you and implement them one change at a time.  My family started last spring attempting to cut out processed foods.  We went to the website 100 Days of Real Food, and cut out processed foods.  We enjoyed it and learned a lot about how much food we ate that came in boxes and packages.  Our next step was changing over to gluten-free with my son’s diagnosis with Celiac Disease in July.  This took us a few months to wrap our brains around.  We went cold-turkey due to his illness, but we learned so much along the way.  After that we started looking more into all grains  – we read Wheat Belly and learned that substituting one bad grain with another wasn’t doing us any favors.  Slowly and surely learning more and more about what we need.   Our changes haven’t come over night, and when we are interested in trying new things, we research them and then come up with a plan.  I would recommend trying no more than one change per month.  Plan out what is most important to you, and schedule it and the changes accordingly.  It won’t seem so overwhelming this way.  In just six short months your family can be in such a better place.  It doesn’t need to happen overnight – and attempting to do it so quickly is often the cause of panic and an abrupt halt. 

3.        Make some really simple changes today
Some things aren’t so much giant lifestyle changes as just minor tweaks and substitutions.  Here are some things you can do as soon as your next grocery trip that can start the ball rolling into a healthier kitchen:

1.        Get rid of vegetable oils – NOW.  If you are a baker or like to cook, vegetable oil no longer needs to be a staple in your pantry.  We keep olive oil and coconut oil in our pantry – nothing else.  I have heard good things about sesame oil too, but have no experience with it yet.  You can cook or bake with these two items and you really should not be using anything else in my opinion. 

2.       Limit your dairy – I love cheese, don’t get me wrong, but like anything, moderation is key.  We stopped cooking and baking with dairy products a while back and have switched over to almond or coconut milk.  We still eat Greek yogurt and top our tacos with cheese, but this simple change is a great transition into better health.  Dairy can cause a number of issues for some people, if you can eliminate some of your uses of it – go for it.

3.       Read the labels – I know you’ve heard it a million times, but if it comes in a package, please take the time to really look and see what is in your foods.  If you can’t pronounce it, put it back.  If it has more than 5 ingredients, put it back.  If it has hydrogenated anything in it, put it back.  This will significantly reduce your processed food options. 

4.       Use your time more wisely – I had an epiphany the other day when I was – yet again – spending my Saturday and Sunday baking away.  I realized why long ago people often only had one person working outside the home.  It really does take so much time to prepare and keep healthy foods in the house.  It sucks, I know, but it is reality.  When we stopped cooking for ourselves, we became so much less healthy.  Fast food and frozen pizzas are convenient and are great in an emergency.  However, those quick fixes have also ALLOWED us to no longer plan and support ourselves in a way that we should.  People are living day to day in an emergency state – running around with no meal plans or thoughts about what they will eat from day to day.  Settling for a drive-thru where the cooks are not invested in the health of their customers, and where we are no longer investing in our own long term health.  Start planning out all of your weekly meals and stick to it.  You will feel so much better without the daily sense of panic about “What’s for dinner?”. 
Everyone should consider themselves as a work-in-progress.   No matter what you’re working on in life we each should be working hard on growth and moving forward.  As a mother, wife, teacher, daughter and sister, I am constantly trying to get better in all of my roles.  It takes much reflection and constant attention.  Health is no different.  I am not perfect at anything I am doing, but I am always learning and always moving forward.  Whatever it is that you are focusing on, know that you are doing great just by trying to be better and to learn more.  The facts out there can be overwhelming and we often have no idea WHO to listen to.  Remember to do your research and most importantly, listen to your gut.  If you feel as if there could be a problem, then you have the chance to fix it – maybe not in one day and all at once, but over time, you will find the tools to make the decisions that help you and your family be their best. 

And as always, if you need support or help from one of us – let us know.  We’d love to help you along the way.