Feb 11, 2014

The 2 Excuses People Most Use to Avoid Investing in Their Health

Excuse- a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

People make excuses every day.  I am one of those people...it’s a natural defense mechanism that humans use to protect themselves from feeling shameful about not completing a task.  The excuses you make say a lot about the priorities you have.  My excuses tend to revolve around housework:  I’m too tired to take out the trash.  I didn’t have time to do laundry today.  And so on.  If I’m going to slack on anything, it’s going to be the work that needs to be done around the house.  It’s not high on my priority list.
As I dive deeper into hosting challenges I get to hear lots of excuses and came up with 2 that I most hear.  This list is made to HELP you all (and myself) identify your priorities and maybe even make some adjustments to your everyday routine to help zap those excuses out of your healthy lifestyle!

Number 1:  Time.
I hear it OFTEN...”I’m too busy.”  “I have 2 young kids to take care of.”  “I just don’t have time.”  Let’s be honest, we make time for what we WANT to make time for.  Each one of my sisters and I are WORKING MOTHERS...with 2 jobs each.  We make time, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, to workout and devote that time to be active.  Some might say we are taking that time away from our kids, and that’s not true.  Adie wakes up at 4:30 AM to workout before the rest of her family is awake.  Marta gets her time in while the kids are napping.  Haley will workout during her lunch break at school.  And me...I’m on bed rest and haven’t worked out for about 20 weeks now.  But after my baby is born and I return to work, I plan on working out early in the morning or late at night when the baby is sleeping.  I will have to see where it will work best, but I WILL make it work.  I’ll make it work because my health is one of my top priorities and makes me better in all aspect of my life.  I’ll be a better mom, a better teacher, a better wife, and a better person.
If you constantly find yourself using time as an excuse to not fit that workout in or not prep those healthy meals or snacks for the day, then you might want to take a step back and look at your schedule.  Where are your priorities?  Still can’t find a time after looking at your packed schedule?  Make time.  Wake up 30 minutes earlier.  Stay up 30 minutes later.  Your body will thank you and you will be better because of it.

Number 2:  Money.
This one is tricky.  Money is a touchy subject for some.  Let me start off by saying, I get it.  I’m a part time teacher whose husband has loans out the wahzoo for Chiropractic school (and hasn’t started working yet) while I’m at home on bed rest (unpaid) and of course expecting our first child any day now.  I’m not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me...we know everything will work out and we have a plan to make it work.  I just want you to know that I understand what it’s like to worry about finances.
That being said, health food and supplements are two things that we DO NOT skip out on.  We often shop at Whole Foods, buy organic or grass fed products and don’t skip a beat.  The foods we put into our bodies are EXTREMELY important to us and worth every penny.
It was eye opening when a coworker of mine said, “I can’t afford to be gluten free.”  Here’s the thing, spending an extra $30-$50 bucks on your grocery bill here and there is much cheaper than your insulin shots, your thyroid medication, or the pill you take daily to lower your cholesterol; all of which could be CURED using ONLY FOOD.  Not to mention, living gluten free doesn’t mean buying a bunch of packaged “gluten free” foods to replaced the other processed packaged foods you’ve been eating.  It is more expensive to do that and NOT any better for your health.  I’m talking about WHOLE FOODS from the Earth.  Fresh meats and produce that don’t come in a box, pouch, or with a label.
Money can also be spent on workouts or even our educational, motivational, accountability challenges.  I will say that they are VERY affordable and worth MORE than your money’s worth.  I do understand that being active and working out can always be FREE...walking, running, hiking, DIY circuits and so on and I ENCOURAGE society to do these things.  But if you’re not doing this on your own, it’s time to invest in something new that will motivate you to be active daily.  The education you gain and/or the workout program that you order will be yours forever.
On a side note, my sisters and I are NOT perfect.  We are human.  We cheat with sweet snacks and skip a work out on occasion, but we ALWAYS come back to this healthy way of life.  This is our LIFESTYLE.  I hope we can motivate you to make small changes to find YOUR healthy lifestyle.  Take one small step today...your future self with thank you for investing the time and the money.


  1. You rock mama! I'll be getting my workout in today for sure! The kids are off of school, so it'll most likely be a family workout, but that's how we roll! :) xoxo

    1. I just saw this! You are so cute! I love that your whole fam works out together...the best!

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