Feb 12, 2014


Since Valentines Day is creeping up on us, it only seems right to write about LOVE this week.  Not mushy gushy romantic love - but long lasting sisterly love - this is the Four Fit Sisters after all. 

If you have been a follower for a while, then you know there is a lot of love in this family.  Love for each other, for our families and friends, and for a healthy lifestyle that is embraced and celebrated by all of us.  Because of the love for each other and for our bodies, we have come accross this amazing journey that is now: the Four Fit Sisters.  We feel blessed for having the opportunity to share our love with all of our readers and are truly grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to us.

I have to start by saying how thankful I am for each and every one of my sisters.  Each one has taught me so much both in life and health and has helped shape me into the person and leader that I am. 

I think about Maggie's journey with Celiacs and how her battles have led us to answers in our own family.  She is an expert now and has changed countless lives because of her own strength and perserverance to find a truly healthy body and spirit.  I am forever grateful for her drive to heal herself, because through that, we have found healing and blessings for our sons and selves as well. 

I am thankful for my big sis, Marta, who has led all of us down the coaching path, again, allowing for multiple lives being changed.  Watching the ripple effect has been amazing; each of us changing one life at a time, and watching as our challengers and coaches pay it forward as well.  I would have never had the guts to do it on my own, and it has truly changed our lives for the better, so I am forever grateful for her inspiration and bravery to help us and help others.

Of course I am only half of who I am without my twinkie, twin sis, Haley.  Enough said.  Our creepy twin-ness and 6th sense for each other is truly a survival mechanism that I feel neither could live without.  How many sisters can say they talk to each other every morning?  We do.  On the way to work every day.  What a special bond - two people that literally have spent every day on earth together, still have enough to talk about and don't miss a daily phone call.  Love.

We have a special and unique bond and people are very intrigued with the amazing relationship we have together.  When you hang with the sisters, we hope to embrace you as our own, if you can get past the Viefhaus lingo, mannerisms, and inside jokes.  Not to mention, the health trend talks and fitness obsessions.  But it is our reality.  If you visit a Sunday dinner and mom and dad Viefhaus' house, you would hear constant banter about things to eat, new supplements, what workouts or workout clothes you're obsessing over and what Dr. Oz talked about that previous week.  Every time.

I wonder how people survived without three sisters to guide them and literally keep them alive.  I would have never made it through college without two sisters there with me.  True story.  I would be dead in the bushes some where.  They are the people that keep you in line, in check and insane all at the same time.  They never overlook your mistakes, but also notice every one of your strenghts as well.  They are my biggest inspirations and my healthy competition.

We know that not everyone has the family support and sisterly relationships that we have.  It was one of the biggest reasons we started this blog.  People had continued to come to us about so many different things - babies, workouts, recipes, school questions, and more.  We have enjoyed compiling our small strengths and individual expertises into a large amount of knowledge put together here so that we may spread our sisterly love to others. 

Our readers, followers and challengers have become like a fifth sister.  We are enjoying helping each and everyone of you and will continue to do so.  If you ever need something, or have a question, please don't hesistate to ask us or let us know.  That's what sisters are for. ;)


  1. LOVE this! You girls are my inspiration in MANY areas of my life and I couldn't be more grateful. xoxo

  2. Love this!! I am a challenger and feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with Marta, she truly changed my life! I have never before seen 4 equally stunning sisters! Thank you all for all you do!

    1. Thank you so much. We are the lucky ones. To touch people's lives in any way feels so inspiring!!

  3. Awwww! This is sooooo sweet! You ladies are amazing! What a beautiful bond yall have!!! ♥