Feb 14, 2014

A before and after of my bathroom...

Okay...so I'm not gonna lie, Adie totally stole my thunder on Wednesday's blogpost.  Yes.  I was going to write the mushy LOVE post.  But, she did it.  And, I'm glad she did it, because she is a MUCH better writer than me, so her version is better.  But, that left me hanging with today's post.  So, that lead me to one of my other loves...my bathroom.
Do you love your bathroom enough to write about it on Valentine's Day?  This girl does. 

I get a ton of comments on my bathroom.  I guess I take a lot of pictures in there or something :)

  Since so many commented, I am sharing a tour of my bathroom today.  However...before we can get to the good stuff, you must first witness how it began.  Blue.  A blue disaster.  Floor to ceiling blue tile, blue trim, and blue toilet.  Having lived through that bathroom for 2 1/2 years...I deserve a dream bathroom.

Ella will some day be so mad at me for posting this picture, but I just had to share.  She was just barely two years old here.  I wanted to steal those adorable boots from her every time she wore them. 
Anyway...back to the horrendous bathroom.  Not only did it have blue tile everywhere, it had blue blinds, and GOLD trim.

This was one of the greatest days EVER...demolishing it for the addition.

 One of the highlights of this bathroom was also the fact that it had a SUNKEN in tub behind those amazing shower doors.  Totally ridiculous and unusable. 

Here is the view from the amazing sunken tub.  It had a small closet in it and a double sink.  The main plumbing we were able to salvage, which was nice on the budget.

 Seriously...who thought those tiles were a good idea??

Now...onto the good stuff.  The AFTER shots.  Now, we did an ADDITION, not just a remodel, so we gained space.  So, the wall that you see on the very left of this picture is the original wall.  That is where the bathroom used to end before.  The first cabinet on the left is placed where the closet used to be.  Basically the second tall cabinet is about where the room ended before.
I tried to recreate as man shots as I could.  The shower is in the exact same place as before.  We just raised the floor and got rid of the disaster sunken in tub.  The toilet also remained in the same place.  We did, however, center it under the window.  I'd say we took a huge step up in improvments to the shower that was there before.
We gained a TON of cabinet space, and a nice vanity for this girl to get ready in the mornings.

We also put in the mother of all tubs...the clawfoot dream tub.  I think this draws the most attention and most comments from my pictures.

The tub...and the chandelier that hangs above it.

The tile in the shower was the inspiration for the entire room, and my favorite part.

The diamond pattern with the black squares...melt my heart.

So there she is.  Thank you for entering my dream bathroom.  Sometimes I pinch myself because it's like I am in a fancy hotel...every day.  Happy Valentine's Day to all.


  1. Your bathroom has officially "wooed" me on Valentine's Day! LOVE LOVE LOVE! xoxo

    1. I hope I'm not the only person that "wooed" you on Valentine's Day!!!!! :)

  2. SO SO dreamy!!! I have an Ella too, she is 9!

  3. Love love your remodel, we are in the process of remodeling our bathroom as we speak, could you please tell me where you found your vanity mirrors? I love those and your chandelier as well.

    1. Thank you Jodi!! We got the vanity mirrors at Pottery Barn. There are two rectangular ones and one oval one. They have worked out wonderfully.

  4. Soooo gorgeous!!! It's amazing what a remodel can bring together! I love the colors you've chosen! Much much better than that blue! ;) I grew up in a victorian house and we had two claw foot tubs. They are such a beautiful thing!

    1. We have a second "pedestal" tub upstairs in the kid's bathroom. I am obsessed. I want them in every bathroom :) Victorian houses are the best.

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