Jan 23, 2014

How I Met Your Brother {in law}

I threw out a poll the other day requesting ideas on what to blog about.  One that surprised me was interest in where we met our hubbies. :)  I thought this was a perfect idea for Throwback Thursday, and decided to share the story of how I ended up Mrs. Smith. 

For those of you who have followed for a while, you know that we sisters have been known to throw the softball around a little bit.  We all played in college and the three oldest (Marta, Adie (me) and Haley) all played together while attending SIUC.  Go Dawgs!!!  It is only fitting that each and every one of us met our hubbies while in college playing the sport that we LOVE and I know that I am secretly obsessed with getting the chance to return to Carbondale where Haley still lives.  When we do visit, all the memories of where and when we met, and how much fun we had come flooding back.  We can't drive to Haley's house without passing the house we lived in "back in the day" and where Meade and I started our relationship. 

You always hear about the people that meet their future husbands or wives in college.  It happens to a lot of people.  It happened with Marta while I was there, but when I left for college I already had someone in mind that I thought for sure I'd end up with forever.  Not only did that relationship end, I had one other serious boyfriend in college that ended right as I started my senior year.  Gasp!!!  I am not going to lie, there was a serious amount of panic that crept its way into my gut as I envisioned heading home from school with my degree and NOT with marital plans.  Silly, but true. 

Truth is, my senior year was one of my best years.  I truly enjoyed being single and spending time with my roomies.  I only went on TWO dates that year when I think back to it {insert tumbleweed drifting across the desert}. I went from the girl who always had a boyfriend, to enjoying life on my own.  It was this year that I started doing observations of classrooms for teaching practice and literally writing lesson plans for a living.  I focused on softball and friendships and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

This is also the year that I "met" my future hubby.  I say met, but really we never spoke to each other.  EVER.  He worked in the weight room as a graduate assistant, and occasionally I saw him in there whenever I would go and lift - usually about three times a week.  I didn't know what his name was, or anything about him.  I just knew he was very good looking and quiet.  I didn't think he knew who I was either.  I can only remember two things about him from that entire year.  1.  I remember talking to him once in the weight room after I had died my hair dark.  I was talking to him and Haley about it in the weight room.  2.  I remember a volleyball player SCREAMING from the bathrooms at Pinch Penny Pub how hot he was and I figured they were together in some way.  Those are my only two memories of him. 

Subconsciously, something else had to have been going on, though.  I found myself "accidentally" having to walk through the weight room for random reasons.  There was a direct route to turn in our uniforms to be washed in the equipment room right outside the weight room, and I would purposely go visit my coach upstairs and sneak through to turn them in - which was strictly forbidden.  Of course it would always be on days when I was dressed up from observing in the classroom all day, not in my hot sweaty workout gear.  It is so funny when I think about it now because I genuinely can't put my finger on when I decided that this beautiful man in the weight room was even an option for me, but somehow it all worked out.

Fast forward to the ending of my senior year of softball.  We finished up our season and were getting ready to head home for the summer.  I still had more classes and observations scheduled for the Fall, followed by my student teaching in the Spring.  Haley was ditching me and staying in Carbondale for the summer to work at the Pub with her future hubby, and I was headed back to STL to nanny and enjoy my first softball-free summer since I could remember.  I left not knowing if I'd ever see my Mystery Man again.

Said Mystery Man's name was Meade and he happened upon the Pub one night and bumped in to my twin sis Haley.  So thankful that she was working at the bar that summer (everything happens for a reason, right).  His first question to her was, "Is your sister in Carbondale for the summer too?".  What????  I didn't even know he knew who I was...this man is asking about me?  Haley of course called me immediately afterwards to give me the run down.  In our own twin lingo, and flapping hands, and screaming conversation, she told me every word, and I made her retell it and asked 150 questions about a two sentence conversation.  End of story was this: he said, "I was really hoping she'd be here this summer.  I wanted to ask her out.".  More flapping.

With some nudging from my softball friends (since he was super shy) and passing of phone numbers to him, he finally called me one night.  I was sitting at a softball field watching my little sister, Maggie, play summer ball.  I was with my BFF Kristy.  A weird number popped up on my 2003 flip phone and I thought it was my old boyfriend and I almost didn't answer it.  So glad I did.  It was him and I couldn't believe it.  I had a little heads-up from my friends saying he was "supposed" to call me sometime, but I was still in shock that it was for real.   I can't tell you one thing we talked about.  I just know I was talking really fast and as we ended the conversation, we had set up our first date: dinner followed by a trip to watch the Cardinals play.  We were a match made in Heaven.  He was a pitcher, I was a catcher, we were going on a date to watch some ball.  I am so thankful Kristy was there so I could replay the call and jump and squeal and be super annoying, but so excited. 

He drove two hours to come get me and we had the best first date.  Ever.  It rained on us a bit, and I don't even remember if the Cards won or lost.  I remember staring at him a lot though and wondering if I was actually dreaming the whole thing up.  When he dropped me off at my parent's house, I could not wait to sprint inside and tell Maggie all about it.  I woke her up and said, "I love him".  And I was dead serious. 

We spent weeks talking on the phone before we went to the game, getting to know each other and we'd spend the following weeks before I had to go back to school talking even more.  Most people dread heading back to school in the Fall, but I couldn't get there fast enough.  My fifth year of school ended up being the best one yet.  He and I got to spend a whole year together in one of my favorite places, having way too much fun, and creating great memories that we get to revisit with each trip back to Carbondale.  I love driving by the house I lived in that fifth year.  I always give him a little squeeze of the hand when we drive by.  That is where it all began.

The rest, of course, is history.  We dated that year, moved to St. Louis in May after we both graduated - him with his Masters and me with my Bachelors, and we were engaged in November soon after.  I think so many times how thankful I am to have met him, how different everything would be without him in my life.  I still catch myself staring at him wondering if it is really happening....and we lived happily ever after.

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  1. I found myself reading your love story with a big grin on my face the whole time. :) And who would have thought that Mr. Smith could nurture a blossoming relationship by talking on the phone?!?! :) We love you guys!