Jan 20, 2014

5 Ways to Get Back on Track with Your Health and Fitness

We've all been there.

Pacing back and forth next to the birthday party dessert table.
You promised yourself to be "good" at this party.
But you give in and scarf a huge piece of chocolate cake.

This normally would have been perfectly fine until you became so overwhelmed with guilt that it propelled you to devour two more cookies, a handful of candy and another piece of cake.

You figured that since you were "bad" and ruined your day of healthy eating with the first piece of cake, you might as well throw in the towel and just overindulge to the max.

Does this sound familiar?
It sure does to me.  I've been there too many times to count.

But guess what, you don't have to throw in the towel every time you decide you want to have a piece of cake.  This doesn't have to send you into a binge of shoveling everything in your face that you can get your hands on!

Today I want to give you my personal top five ways to GET BACK on track with your health and fitness after you've thrown in the towel.  How to come back from that negative head space of "I might as well just give up."

I have learned a lot about human nature over that past year (in April) as I've worked with clients as a fitness consultant.  Mainly that we are all creatures of habit.  We create patterns and routines that we tend to stick to.  It gives us comfort, the knowing what to expect next.

What I work with my clients on is changing these said patterns and routines.
Create new ones.... ones you CAN and WILL stick with if you give it time.

Today I'm going to give you my personal top five tips to get BACK on track with your health and fitness when you've gotten off track and thrown in the towel.

1.  Invest in your Health:
What I have learned this past year is that when people financially invest in their health (new fitness program, gym membership, healthy foods etc) then they are more likely to stick to it.  They are investing in their health and in turn want to be successful and make the necessary changes in their lives.  The investment helps motivate them to put in the work.

2.  Try Something New: 
Mix things up! Start a new fitness program that is FUN for you will get you back in the swing of things.  Continuing with the same old treadmill routine may not be a great way to catapult you back on your health and fitness journey.  After I had my youngest daughter, Gracie, I was struggling with a broken tailbone and was the biggest I have ever been.  I found my soul-mate workout, Turbo Fire, which totally got me back on track with my fitness.  I got FIT fast because the program was so fun! I couldn't wait to workout everyday! Finding something new is key to getting back on track!

3.  Hold Yourself Accountable:
This is super important to getting back on track and sticking to your new plan.  Tell people about your goals to get healthier.  Post about your progress and workouts on social media to hold yourself accountable.  I find it's so encouraging when people are cheering you on and seeing how dedicated you are.  It keeps you moving forward and, in a way, helps you stay on track by sticking to your workouts when you are putting it out there for all to see.  Don't try to do it secretly because then it's so much easier for you to skip workouts and eat less healthy.

4.  Get a Fitness/Workout Buddy:
I think this is another key aspect to the people that are successful in getting back on track! Have a workout partner who you can meet up with or check in with.  Knowing someone is by your side gives you comfort in knowing you are not alone.  Plus you are a lot less likely to skip that morning workout if you know your workout buddy is waiting for you at the gym.  This "team" concept is what creates so much success in our 30 day challenge groups that my sisters and I run each month.  You have several "fitness" buddies that are on the same journey as you, keeping you encouraged and motivated!

5. Set Realistic Goals:
This is very important, in my opinion, as it keeps you thinking positive and prevents discouragement if you don't see or feel changes right away.  Instead of setting goals to be a certain weight, try developing a plan where you don't even worry about the scale for the first month.

Your weight should not be the deciding factor if you are on track or not.  I am a perfect example of this as I usually weigh, at my fittest and healthiest, more than all my beginning challenge group clients, who are in not way fitter or healthier than me.

If I worried about my weight I would constantly feel defeated and discouraged!
It's about so much more than your weight.  When I walk in a room no one knows what I weigh.... they only know if I look happy, healthy and fit! No one knows what size pants I wear.  They only see that I carry myself with strength and confidence.

Release yourself from setting goals to be a certain number.
Set goals to be the healthiest version of YOU.

For me this entails writing out my workout schedule and sticking to it.
Setting aside an hour a day to work on my health and fitness is what I personally recommend to my clients.  If you stick to this you will be on track to change your health and life.
Crossing off my workouts is a great motivator for me and pushes me daily to keep putting in the effort.

I also feel setting realistic goals for healthy eating is key.  Get a plan and write out your weekly meals every Sunday.  Planning ahead is key.  I know what I'm eating every day this week because I planned out my grocery list and meals accordingly.  Shoot for one week at a time with planning so you'll be likely to stick with this system.  Trying to do too much at once can be overwhelming!

There you have it!
My top five ways to get back on track with your health and fitness.
I hope this helps YOU get back on track after you throw in the towel.

And if you feel you need a little EXTRA push, encouragement and guidance, feel free to contact one of us regarding our upcoming 30 day challenge group sessions.  We work with our clients one on one regarding nutrition, fitness and so much more.

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Yours in Health,


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