Dec 11, 2014


Introducing a FREE challenge hosted by some of your favorite Team Four Fit Sisters coaches.  This is an OPEN challenge for anyone that is interested in staying on track, or getting back on track during the days leading up to Christmas.  NO pressure. NO crazy restrictions. Just FUN and FREE!

There are only a few simple rules/expectations/guidelines for you to participate:

  1. You must check in daily to our FB group.  I know how busy you are, but you can find a few minutes each day to check in to the group.  Feel free to turn OFF the notifications so you aren’t bombarded in your news feed, but DO spend a few minutes each day doing your daily check in and helping support others in the group.  We can SEE who has read the post - if you read the post, take a minute to respond and say HI!
  2. Plan to move for at least 30 minutes per day.  This can be totally informal - whether you are just starting to get moving, or if you’ve been moving around for a while, all you need is 30 minutes of walking or your favorite exercise program each day.  Your mind and body NEED this time for YOU and to reset and refocus.  Watch your favorite show, or get out and get some fresh air - either way, commit to 30 minutes & get ready to complete our daily exercise of the day (12 days of FitMas will include a move of the day!)
  3. Be purposeful and plan your meals daily.  Take time the night before, or at the start of your week and make a PLAN for what you will eat the next day.  There are no rules or restrictions about WHAT you should eat in this challenge - BUT - just taking the time to plan out your meals will ensure that you are purposeful and making great choices about what you’re eating.  Being present and conscious is half the battle.
  4. Have FUN!!!!  This is meant to spread holiday cheer while at the same time trying to stay focused on what healthy living is.  There is a holiday in just about every month of the year, and we need to remember that holidays often encourage a splurge - as they should! But, the time we spend focusing and staying on track BEFORE the holiday is what keeps that amazing balance in our lives and allows us to spend our holidays without guilt and regret.

So, are you in???  Click HERE to join today and invite your friends too.  It is FREE & FUN for all. Posts will start up on December 13 and run through Christmas Eve. Let’s do this!!! :)

Dec 7, 2014

Holiday Fit and Fun Wish List

Hey friends!! As the Holidays approach I wanted to share a few of my favorite wish list items.  Some of them are fitness and health related.  Some of them are just what I want.  I hope some of these could help a fit friend of yours if you are needing an idea.  Happy Shopping!!!!!

Veggie and Dip saver found HERE.  They are just adorable...and make taking healthy foods more fun!!!

As a former Saluki, I am obsessed with this burgundy hat.  I would rock this to all football games and outdoor activities!!! Found HERE.
Maggie showed me this adorable site called that has the most amazing leggings and other sports wear.  I like their page because they have REAL looking people as their models.  I know what I would actually look like in their athletic clothing!!   Check out their amazing pants!!  Definitely on the top of my wish list!!
Got my hands on the coveted JCrew Herringbone vest and now I'm obsessed with layering it.  And finding adorable necklaces to layer along with it.  And plaid...just like Marta, I am also in love with the buffalo plaid.  My new fave!!!

As a P.E. teacher I get stuck wearing a lot of sweats.  However, adding a little sparkle never hurt. How adorable are these sparkle sleeve shirts?????


Also...I would love one of these reclaimed wine racks for Christmas to put in our kitchen.  Anyone with these types of skills feel free. I will gladly send you my address. :) ha ha ha

One of these "Zoodle" makers is on the top of my list as far as food gadgets go.  I want to be able to make pasta dishes healthier.  Everyone that has one of these LOVES them! I hope its under the tree!! And they aren't expensive.  This one is like $30!!!!

Another food gadget is this herb slicer.  When you use a lot of fresh herbs cutting them is a SERIOUS pain in the butt.  This gadget looks amazing and so much easier!! This year I plan on starting a REAL garden in my back yard.  So, this will be perfect for all of the fresh herbs and spices!

The new Nike Frees are my favorite training shoes.  They are NOT my favorite running shoes...just so I am clear.  They are great for doing some sort of cross training.  They are not known for cushion.  I do a lot weights mixed with cardio and plyometric training.  These do not do well big cushiony soles.  They do well with a light and low shoe!! If you are needing a TRAINING shoe try these babies out!!!! They have a million styles and colors!!
Another amazing find are these studio training shoe.  They would be great for yoga!! Now that I am obsessed with PiYo and the P90X3 Yoga DVDs these shoes are a MUST to prevent slipping!! 

So that is it as of right now.  I have an entire gift ideas Pinboard on Pinterest with ideas for myself and others.  It is the only way that I can remember things that I come across throughout the year.  I've been told that I'm hard to shop for.  :) I have a tendency to buy things as they come to mind!!!!  This helps me give ideas to others around the Holidays!!! I also love to pin things that I think would be great gifts for others.  I hope this helps you shop for your fit friends this year.  Happy Holidays!

Dec 1, 2014

Boy Oh Boy!!

We are so excited to announce that we are adding another Smith boy to the crazy Viefhaus family.  The streak continues.  We started out with four grandchildren in a row, and will now be adding the fifth boy to continue the streak of males.  The group of four sisters is rapidly multiplying and it is crazy to think how many boys have been added to the family lately.

I am seventeen weeks pregnant as of Wednesday, and have had an interesting pregnancy to date.  I have gained about 6 pounds so far - which I have been happy with.  I am craving nothing out of the ordinary and am finally over that non-stop sleepy feeling.  I have had to spend a bit of time on “pelvic bed rest” which is basically just a modified bed rest that eliminates working out or doing any activities that may cause my uterus to contract.  I was spotting a bit up to my 12 week appointment, so after an ultrasound they had me do a bit of resting due to placenta previa.  I have seriously missed working out, but understand the importance of keeping baby safe and sound and without problems.  At my 16 week appointment, I had to do another ultrasound to see if my situation had cleared up a bit (which it did, but I am still on bed rest).  With that ultrasound, came and extra early sneak peek at my little baby and a very early reveal as to what we were having. 

I wasn’t planning on finding out what we were having until around Christmas time – at my 20 week anatomy ultrasound.  I envisioned a fun Christmas morning surprise for the boys and getting to share that info with my family during such a special time.  Our Thanksgiving surprise turned out just as special and fun as our Christmas plans.  We got to surprise family – who didn’t even see it coming.  Most didn’t know that we even had the ultrasound.  I wasn’t sure if we would be able to see anything or not, so I didn’t mention it to most.  So exciting.

The boys were dead set that they were getting a little sister.  I felt a little bad about disappointing them, but have had such mixed feelings going in to find out what we are having.  I LOVE being a mom of boys.  We have all the goodies we need – boy clothes, and all the items to get us through baby #3.  I love how much the boys love their mama and they have made me so happy.  I couldn’t picture my life any other way – surrounded by boys.  But, I know that my hubby would have loved to have his own little daddy’s girl to love on him.  I think about my relationship with my mom and sisters and know that I will be missing that relationship as I grow – not getting a girl to grow up with.  Only daughter-in-laws and no daughters makes me start to sweat a little bit. ;) 

When I think about my boys growing up, I feel so fortunate to have them surrounded by so many amazing men; most importantly their father.  I am one of the luckiest people to have two sets of amazing grandparents for our boys – two amazing loving relationships that have been modeled to me and the hubs, and something I am so excited to pass along to them.  Not to mention, an abundance of amazing uncles.  Having three sisters adds an amazing amount of men into the picture.  Add that to Meade’s awesome brother, Schuyler, and these boys are surrounded by amazing men.  Each man in our boys’ lives will teach them so many amazing things about life and love and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to raise three beautiful boys and shape them into men that will love and honor friends and family the way the men in our lives have been able to do for us. 

Great things are in store for 2015. :)  We are due in May and I can’t wait to meet this little guy.  Let the name hunting begin – so hard to find a great name for a boy, not to mention we have used four cute ones in our family already: Meade, Tyler, Cooper and Austin (AJ).  Finding a name fit for a boy & man is a hard task – especially when you spend your day in the classroom – where many names become off-limits. ;)

In other big changes, I am taking some time away from the classroom for a bit starting next August.  HUGE change for me and the family.  I have been in the kindergarten classroom for 10 years and have loved every minute of it.  I struggled finding daycare this year for Cooper – it was a nightmare to say the least – but it ended up working out perfectly, since my sister, Maggie, is able to watch him at home with his cousin & BFF, AJ.  My sisters are the ONLY caretakers that have ever watched my boys.  Both boys went to Marta’s house until this year when Meade started Kindergarten.  I have been SO fortunate for this amazing blessing.  Who better to help raise your cuties than your own sisters?!  Next year, I will be offering that gift to others as well.  I will stay home with my boys and open up my home to outside kiddos that want loving care and truly soak in every minute of time that I can with these little bodies.   I know that I eventually will go back to the classroom, but for now, I am going to embrace every moment that I can with these boys.  They are little for such a tiny time – you blink and they start kindergarten. 

Thanks for taking a minute to share in our shenanigans.  We have a ton of fun planned this holiday season, and this exciting news only makes it more fun.  Wishing you many blessings during the holidays and all year long!!!

Nov 30, 2014

Insanity Max: 30 Test Group

Who is ready????? Have you heard the news????? Shaun T has a new workout coming out TUESDAY of this week!! I am super excited for this workout to launch!!!

Shaun T is my one of my favorites.  He knows how to get something out of you that you didn't know you had.  The workouts bring my back to my college days.  The original Insanity program was the FIRST program I ever bought!!! I had great results.  However, the ONE complaint that I had were that the workouts were really long.  This is like the best of both worlds.  You get the amazing workouts packed into 30 minutes.

I am going to finish up 2014 with a bang.  I am going to host one more group in 2014!!!!  If you are interested in joining my MAX : 30 test group watch the video below and shoot me an email to  I am ready to finish off this year with a BANG!!! I will host a 30 day challenge group starting December 15th.  Let's make the end of this year the best part of the year!!!

Shoot me an email if you are interested.  I know I'm ready to get started!!!!!

Nov 6, 2014

What Can I Do For My Health To Get Immediate Results???

We are a society that wants everything in and INSTANT.

We send a text and we expect a reply immediately.

We need to know what's happening right after it has happened.

The news can barely keep up.

We tweet LIVE during television shows using hashtags to join in conversation.

To say we are OBSESSED with things being immediate is probably an understatement.

Why would we expect our fitness and health results to be any different?

Sadly we don't.  And then we are often SADLY disappointed.

Weight loss, if done right, is usually gradual.  The "healthy" rate is usually around 2 lbs a week.   For some this is pretty attainable.  I love the quote below because it really puts it into perspective.  If you are CONSISTENT you can do great things with your body.  However, if you lose 5 lbs this week and then go back to your old ways and add 2 lbs, then yo yo back and forth it's hard to keep track of where you should be.  This is why they say to stay away from "diets" and just make a lifestyle change.

Biggest Loser shows have severely overweight people losing up to 23 lbs in a WEEK.  Talk about instant gratification!!! That is the amount that some people want to lose all together. We watch them do it in one week on television.  People are often disappointed in the rate at which the weight falls off.  This leads to disappointment and usually they quit.

Can you blame them??? No way.  In a world where we expect things to happen in an instant it is hard to allow ourselves more time to reach a goal that is so important to us.

We have a challenge for you here at FourFitSisters!!!  We have been thinking about one of the "easiest" ways to help all of you.  Now I put "easiest" in quotations marks because it's not going to be easy at all.  In fact, it will be difficult.  However, it is most common denominator in weight gain and weight struggles...SUGAR.

We want you to look at your food labels with fresh eyes.  I have no idea what this food label is for, I just googled food label and it popped up.  But, I want you to look at it and see what's fishy...

Why is it that sugar doesn't have to put the %PERCENTAGE% on the label?????  Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium all have to tell how much of the daily value is inside the package. Sugar has NOTHING next to it besides the amount in grams.

So why doesn't sugar put a percentage on the package??? It's very simple.  People would probably not buy the product if they REALLY knew how much sugar they are supposed to be eating and how quickly most processed foods add up to 100% or more.

It's trickery I tell you :)

How many of you know how many GRAMS of sugar you should be consuming in one day?? How about teaspoons?? For most of you the answer is, "I have no idea."  This chart should really help you.
As it shows above...the spoons represents 1 teaspoon.  Each teaspoon has a little over 4 grams of sugar in it.  So let's take my own personal picture.  I am a woman.  It says I can have 6 teaspoons of sugar.  6 x 4 is 24...but let's round up because it's a "little more" than 4 grams.  This puts me at 25 grams of sugar in a day.  That was pretty quick and easy math.  It wouldn't be difficult AT ALL to put that on a food label.  But, the marketers are smart, and they know that keeping this information from you would totally benefit them.  Most people have no clue of how much sugar a day they are taking in.  If they did, they probably wouldn't buy as much. let's look at real food label.  Let's take the famous Oreo cookie.

So now knowing that you are only supposed to take in 25 grams per day of sugar you would use up over half of your allotment if you at 2 Oreo cookies.

Now wait...I forgot the glass of low fat milk to wash it down.  If you drink an 8oz glass (and who really measures out 8oz???) and add the sugar content, you are adding 11 more grams of sugar to this one snack.  You are at now at 24 grams.  You officially have 1 more gram of sugar for the rest of your day.  Is your mind blown yet??

Now...why is this so important?? It's just sugar right????


Most people have no idea that sugar is the devil, and turns straight into fat inside the body.  Our body literally doesn't know how to use it.  So it stores it and turns it into fat.  Gross.

Kind of makes you want to kick sugar to the curb right?? Well that is exactly the challenge we are proposing to you.  We want you to LOOK at the food labels.  Or even better...try not to eat packaged food.

If your food is real and NOT from a package counting calories is irrelevant.  It's that simple.

In an instant world...this is the fastest way to make a healthy change in your body.  I challenge you to start reading labels, and start doing what's best for your body today!!!  We are taking baby steps that will make a HUGE impact.  Join us on instagram or any of our facebook pages if you want to start off 2015 right and lessen the amount of sugar you are taking in.  All of the sisters are sharing meal ideas.  Look for the #4fitsugar hashtag!!! Let's share food ideas, recipes and support through social media.  Happy New Year friends!!!

Oct 21, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness

Does breast cancer hit home with any of you?? 
It does here at FourFitSisters.  It has touched our family and we are trying our best to get you information that will knock your socks off, and help you learn the key ways to prevent breast cancer.

Maybe if you know some of the statistics and prevention techniques you will be able to make some great choices for yourself in the future!!

Here is the ULTIMATE BREAST CANCER Prevention Checklist that I found on Queen Latifah's website.  This checklist can be downloaded off of her website.  It definitely shows the basics of what you should be looking for and what you should begin to avoid.

Food and alcohol can have a HUGE impact on your body.   Alcohol is estrogenic...this feeds some types of cancer.  I had NO idea that this was possible.  Growing up you hear that a glass of red wine is great for the heart.  It's NOT great for estrogen feeding cancer.

Also, things that cause inflammation in your body are also what add to your chances of cancer.  You want to stay away from inflammatory foods.  We LOVE Dr. Weil and his views on food.  He is a regular on Dr. Oz and has a wonderful outlook on keeping your diet as anti-inflammatory as possible.

I would highly recommend any of his books or cookbooks.  

You can even stop by his website to get a TON of information.  Here is an example of his food pyramid from his website.  I try and follow this as often as possible.  It's really not that hard to do!!!

Now that we talked a bit about inflammation...let's get back to cancer info.  Remember, breast cancer can strike at any age.  Know your family history to see if you need early detection.  

Also...EXERCISE.  Duh.  You can reduce your chances of breast cancer by 18%!!!!!! 18% if you do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Obviously, we pretty much have that covered here at FourFitSisters...but if you need help with this aspect we can hook you up.  We actually have two amazing hashtag groups going on facebook and instagram right now.  #october35for27 and #trainfortatas.  They are just meant to support each other and cheer each other on.  Use the hashtag and support each other.

Did you know that one in EIGHT women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.  This number was staggering to me.

Here are the reasons that CAREER WOMEN have a higher chance of breast cancer...

The final breast cancer round up below...

Make some easy changes and improve your chances of keeping breast cancer away.  Diet, exercise, not smoking, knowing your family, and your age are what we focus on the most.  Share this with a friend to help them spread the word.  Your tatas, and your family will thank you for being around longer.

Oct 3, 2014


So I am OBSESSED with this movie...

Have you seen it yet????? If you haven't you need to stop what you are doing right and order it...or whatever you do to get your videos.  NOW!!!  This movie will blow your mind.  It covers the main reason why as Americans we are SO sick and so addicted to food. 

The main culprit is sugar.  Sugar is the silent killer to our diets.  For far too long we have blamed FAT.  Fat doesn't make us fat...sugar does. 

We can not exercise ourselves out of this problem. 

Our school system is failing us.  President Bill Clinton talks in the movie about how we could solve 80% of our obesity problems if we fixed our school nutritional programs.  So many of our kids eat TWO meals a day at school...and the food there is GARBAGE.

We need to do something!!!

Interested in learning more??? Maggie is hosting a FED UP based challenge group!!! You will watch the movie in chapters together.  Discuss the details in a small groups setting, and attempt to eat according to the new ideas.  Email maggie at for more details.