Nov 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits - Body Bugs

Right now my hubby and I are participating in a study.  I am not sure who is running it, but one of the hubby's former athletes is having us wear multiple monitors for at least a week to check and see just how much work we are doing each and every day.  I am anxious to see which of the monitors gives the most consistent and accurate results.  I am anxious to hear if YOU have ever tried or worn one of these yourself and what successes or what helpful information you have gotten from your results.  I am only familiar with HEART-RATE monitors, but not something that tracks my daily calories and expenditures outside of working out. 


The grey and black wristband is called FitBit and has an accompanying pedometer that is strapped around my waist with the red Actigraph monitor.  I am also wearing the black Nike+ FuelBand.  Lastly, I am wearing the Jawbone grey and silver arm band.  Let me just tell you how trendy and cute I am looking sporting these sweet bracelets at school.  I am not sure which is more fashionable...the monitors or the Rainbow Loom bracelets my kindergarten students have been making me.

Nike and Jawbone

On a side note, I am officially depressed.  I HATE daylight savings time.  It was literally dark at 5:00.  Gloomy, cloudy and windy during the day, and dark at 5:00 makes for a Debbie Downer afternoon.  The hubby had to head to a basketball game, so the boys and I listened to Disney and Sound of Music on PANDORA - if you haven't done this, go now and play it.  We haven't laughed and giggled so much in a long time.  I almost had to take my monitors off - since I am not supposed to wear them while working out. 

Sound of Music

I am anxious to share the results of the monitors and how they worked, and which ones work best.  One of the perks of having a husband in the strength and conditioning field is that there are always new gadgets and fun things to try out.  He is always keeping me up-to-date on what I should be doing to optimize my bodies full potential.  I will be reporting back to you when I know more.    In the mean time, please let me know what you use to keep track of your body and how hard it is working.  We are excited to hear about what is working.

I hope the sun shines for you all today!  Happy Tuesday.

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