Nov 11, 2013

Tuesday Tidbit...Creating your own circuit


Hey everyone.  Today I want to teach you how to create your own circuit.  I made a little tutorial for you all to help you learn to create your own circuit.   It is SO much easier than you would think.  You need your body, a way to time yourself, and that is it.  Of course I also teach you the tricks to make it a little more fun with music, equipment and a sweet interval timer!!!!!

Please check out the video.  If you have questions feel free to contact me any time.  Circuit Training is my favorite thing in the world to do, so I would love to hear your ideas and input.

So as a quick review to the video...

Step #1 Choose your equipment.  The more equipment the better the variety of your exercises can be.  But, equipment is not 100% necessary.  You can still get a heck of a workout just using your own body weight.  You can search Pinterest, workout magazines, or the internet to find different ideas that fit your body's needs.  You can even specialize it to body parts.  Right now my shoulder is really sore, so I am trying to stay away from that area.  Make it specific to your needs.

Step #2  Intensity level.  Circuit Training can be as difficult or easy as you make it.  I select every 3rd exercise as a major cardio boost.  Then I take two exercises "off" to bring my heart rate back down.  This is MY preference.  Set yours up for you.

Step #3  Interval time.  I like to pick 10 exercises and do them for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off.  This makes up a minute.

Step #4 Rounds.  I do at least 3 rounds.  At 10 minutes a round I just got a sweet 30 minute workout in!!

Create a circuit and share it with us please.  I  would love to attempt your circuit.  Challenge yourself and have fun!!

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