Nov 26, 2013

Steps to Organize Your Home- Part 3 {plus the winner of $400 announced!}

Happy Tuesday!
Are you ready to finish up my three-part series on organizing your home?

If you need to catch up, click on Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up.

Part 3 will wrap up my series and I'll talk about how I schedule my laundry, menu planning, grocery shopping and our cleaning schedule that keeps us organized and on track.  Planning is key.

Raise your hand if you love doing laundry.
Not many hands.  Well I want to share something I started doing in January to help with the laundry drama that is three daughters.


As you can see on my kitchen chalkboard I have one person's name on each day, as well as towels and sheets.
So I will throw in one basket of laundry a day early in the morning.
Then dry mid-morning.
Then fold and put away sometime later in the day.

Having this system helps as I know everything in that day's laundry goes back to the same room.
No more separating, looking for sizes on undies and deciphering whose shirt is whose.
This has helped me save so much time and stay on a schedule.

Each girl has a basket in their room that they fill during the week with their dirty laundry.


On their day I just grab their basket and wash, dry and return to their room.
Easy peasy and life-changing!


Creating a cleaning schedule will help make your home a system.
Knowing what you are doing daily will help from feeling overwhelmed.
Pick one area in your home to focus on daily and stick with this system.
Take it from me, this is so much easier than doing nothing all week and then spending your entire Saturday or Sunday cleaning your home.

A little cleaning everyday is much more appealing to me than spending the weekend family time cleaning.

Here is my personal cleaning schedule.
I'd love to have you create your own and share with me!

Monday: Bathrooms (mirrors, sinks, toilets, floors, tubs)
Tuesday: Bedrooms (pick up, organize, dust, vacuum
Wednesday: Kitchen (countertop, table and chairs, cabinets, appliances, sink)
Thursday: Living/Dining Room (windows, dust, tables, wipe down washer and dryer)
Friday: Floors (hardwoods, vacuum basement and stairs)

Laundry is every day like I mentioned before, as well as dishes and clutter control.
So using this plan, I stay on track all week long.

MENU PLANNING:What I personally like to do is pick 4 main courses for the week and write those ingredients on my shopping list for the week.
Then I will also get our usual staples for the our lunch and breakfast items.

Some of our staples are:
apples, bananas, cuties, grapes, strawberries,
baby spinach, cauliflower, cucumbers, avocados, baby carrots,
grilled chicken, ground turkey, coconut oil, natural peanut butter,
almond milk, rice cakes, raw almonds, gluten free oats, chocolate chips,
peppers, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, rice chex and gluten free pretzels.

GROCERY SHOPPING:After you get your meal plan together, plan a day to do your shopping.
Stick to this day as your  main shopping day.
We usually meal plan over the weekend and then shop on Monday.
This works for our schedule but figure out what's best for your family's schedule.

I hope this breakdown is helpful to you in creating your very own system in your home.
Getting a plan is half the battle.  Once you know what your goals are you can create your own schedule for a smoothly running household.

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


  1. I like your schedule. Do you have any suggestions for moms that work outside of the home?

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