Nov 8, 2013

Steps to Organize Your Home- Part 1

I have a question for you all today.
Do you find it difficult to organize your home and your life?  To keep things running smoothly?
Do you often hear circus music playing in your head as you struggle to get it all done?
Well, if you said yes, you are so my people.


I live in a circus.
I care for eight children in my home daily that begin arriving at home at 6:40 am and don't leave until 5 pm.
I also have my own three children, two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig and a house to clean, laundry to wash, dishes to (make Steve) clean and run my own fitness business.

When you google circus, I'm pretty sure you'll see a photo of Haus of Girls pop up somewhere.

I love my little five ring circus, but I also love that I have figured out a way to stay organized amongst the chaos.
I'm not saying that I have it all together, because I definitely do not.
Some days I feel like I need to have a glass of wine at 8 am, but most days I am able to keep a very circus-type schedule, flowing smoothly.

How you ask?
Well I didn't quite understand how until recently after being reminded by Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam and a New York Time's Best Selling Author. 
I have created a system.

Chalene recently hosted a Smart Success video series online and it confirmed why I have been able to do all that I do daily, and start up my own fitness biz amongst the chaos. I want to share with you some things today as I know many of you reading this are just like me;
Busy moms or students who also have goals to be your own boss, run your own rockstar business and kick some a** in life.

What I want to remind you all about today is what a system really is.
In my opinion, it is something that has been implemented after being tested and proven to work.
Take a school "system" for example.

Children go to school all day and learn more than most of us do in a week.
Why? Because each school district has a system that is implemented to ensure the students learn.
There are time frames determined by bells.  Lunch time and recess.
It is organization amongst the chaos of hundreds of children.

So today, in this three part series, "Steps to Organize Your Home,"  I'm going to have you focus on creating a system for your home and your life. 
We will focus on the following:

1.  Identifying all the things you do in a day.
2. Identifying which things need a system.
3. Developing a system.
4. Automating a system.

When you do these things you will free yourself of the guilt that I know most of us feel when we can't "do it all."
Just like a business or school system, we need to break down your day into time frames, schedules and an organized structure.

Life is life.  It doesn't come with an organized structure.
So it's your job to create one for your home to free yourself from guilt and stress so you feel better and are a happier person in all areas of your life.


Let's create a plan!
In order for things to change, your behaviors need to change.

Just like I have learned with fitness, if you continue to do what you are doing now (eating whatever you want and not exercising) then things will only stay the same.   Your health will never improve unless you make changes in your diet and exercise routine.

Same goes for your household.  You are going to need to make some changes to create a smooth and organized home.

So let's start by writing down all you do in a day with the time it takes to do it.

Here is my day broken down into time increments.
It's definitely not exact, as life happens and things pop up often, but it's the basics of my days.

Exercise/Wellness 1.5 hours
Welcome the daycare kids and get everyone situated- 1 hour
Get my girls ready for school- 1 hour
Shower- 30 minutes (if I'm lucky)
Work on my Fitness Business- 2 hours (naptime)
Care for my Daycare Kids- all day until 5 pm
Return Emails- 1 hour
Family Time and Dinner- 2.5 hours
Personal Time for Steve and Marta in evening after girls go to bed- 1.5 hours
Steve and Marta time- 1 hour
Cleaning and Pick up- 1 hour

Now it's your turn.
Write out all you do in a day and give it a time frame.

Please reply in the comments with your breakdown.  Or email me at anytime or find me on Facebook too!

I would love to see what you are dealing with on a daily basis and I'd be happy to help you figure out what you need to delegate and give yourself time for your workouts or spending time with your children.

Next week we will talk about how we plug these things into a daily "system" that will keep up sane and keep our home running smoothly.

I can't wait to hear from all of you and see what your days look like.
Talk soon!

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 Signature Marta


  1. Exercise/Wellness: 1.5 hours
    Get kids ready for the day/breakfast: 1 hour
    Clean kitchen and living room: 30 min at nap and 30 min at bedtime
    Watch/teach/interact with my 4 kids: all day
    Personal time: 1.5 hours
    Time with husband: 1 hour
    Dinner: prep and clean up: 1 hour
    Bed/bath time: 1 hour
    Family time: 2 hours
    Prep for next day: 1 hour

  2. Love to see other mothers schedules/organizations I loved following your blog before and now love to follow in facebook!
    I have 6 kids this is my daily schedule
    600 up breakfast/lunches ready
    630 wake up kids
    730 out the door on our way to school
    800 back home kitchen/bathroom/living/bedroom cleanup
    Start laundry,make list,phone calls emails, exercise, play and reading time with 2 and 4 year old
    1100 shower
    1140 take 4 year old to preschool
    1200-250 lunch,shopping or chores
    250 pick up kids
    315 -430 homework snack etc
    430 on sports,clubs or sports games
    Hopefully home by 830 or 900
    Dinner,bath,reading and bed
    Then when kids are asleep my time or husband wife time
    Bed by 12 or 1
    Sorry so lengthy

    Just to let you know you inspire me daily:)

  3. Right now my "system" is completely out of whack and just gone, but as soon as I have time to breathe again, I am totally going to come back to these posts. This year seems like it's been one thing after another since last March. Between several MAJOR life changes over the past 7 months, I feel like I'm spiraling out of control. I don't have children, and I really don't know how all you moms do it! But Marta- thank you SO MUCH for doing a series on this. I'm usually a super-Type A, "I need control in my life" type of person- organization and routine is what gets me through the day. (I'm a teacher... and I think it comes with the territory.) But with all these major life changes happening right now, it's just not happening. As soon as I can, I fully intend to put my list of "what my day looks like" together and in the meantime I will definitely keep an eye out for the rest of this series. I can't wait to finally have a "system" again!

  4. Sarah Gietschier-HartmanNovember 17, 2013 at 7:05 PM

    5:00am wake-up, shower, get ready
    5:30am husband wakes up to get ready
    5:45-6am wake up Joey
    6am pack lunches (made night before) and eat breakfast
    6:08am husband leaves for work
    6:25am feed Joey yogurt
    6:46am leave for work/school
    7:45am-3:25pm work (later on some days)
    4:15pm pick up Joey
    5:15pm dinner
    5:50 bath time, play time, bedtime for Joey
    6:15pm husband does all dishes and cleans kitchen
    6:15pm-10pm cleaning around house (we have a daily schedule) and lots of school/teaching work
    10pm bedtime routine

  5. 5 am get up, me time: exercise, check emails, watch news
    6:15 am done with whatever I was doing and get shower
    6:45 am pack kids lunches (packed the night before), eat breakfast finish getting ready
    7:00 am wake up 2 of my 3 kids, 3rd child gets up herself, get them breakfast and make sure they are ready for school
    7:30 am take my husband to work (we have 1 car)
    8:10 arrive back home, pack my lunch (packed the night before)
    8:20 leave for work, get kids off to the bus
    8:45 arrive at work
    10:00 eat snack
    1:00 eat lunch
    2:30-3:30 leave work, run errands, prep and start dinner
    4:00 leave to go get husband from work
    5:00 get home from getting husband
    6:00 eat dinner
    from dinner until 8:30 things vary.......clean up dinner, make lunches for next day, pick up around the house, laundry, etc
    8:30-9:00 get ready for bed