Nov 18, 2013

Staying Healthy for the Holidays...

Ask and you shall receive ladies and gentleman.  Many people wanted some tips and tricks on how to keep the holiday pounds off.

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So here are some of my favorite tips for doing just that.

1.  Eat BEFORE you go to a party.

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You are less likely to go "overboard" if you are full before you get there.  Fill up with healthy treats before the party!  I know what usually shows up at our office Christmas party.  It's NEVER healthy.  Casseroles, fancied up potatoes, and mountains of bread aren't the healthiest of options.  If you aren't starving when you get there then you are in the safe zone!!!

2.  Stay away from the "side" dishes.


The most unhealthy part of the meal isn't normally in the main dish.  Turkey, ham, duck, or whatever it is that lands as your main dish is usually the healthiest option for your plate.  It's the sides that get us.  Remember your portions.  Put a small amount on your plate and see how you feel.  Don't force yourself to go for seconds.

3.  Push your workout an extra 10 minutes.


In a high intensity workout you will burn around 100 calories in 10 minutes.  So, if you add an extra 10 hard minutes to your usual workout you are making great strides to keep the holiday pounds off.  If you are upping the intensity or length of your workouts around the holidays you are bettering your chances of burning off the extras that you are sure to have at some point.

4.  Stick to red wine rather than "fruity" or high carb drinks.


It's hard to pass on ALL beverages that are in front of us.  But the best choices are always red wine.  Pass on the spiked egg nog.  The thicker the better only applies in protein shakes!

5.  Have an inspirational outfit.


Having a dress or outfit that you know you want to look your best in is a great reminder to make smart choices before the holidays sneak up on you.

6.  Embrace the dark.


The darkness is misery for me.  It is so hard to find the motivation to do ANYTHING when it gets dark at 5pm.  Try your best to adjust accordingly.  If that means getting up in the early morning to workout then make it happen.  Find the sunshine or embrace the dark.  It's sticking around until spring, so fighting it doesn't work.

7.  Always bring a healthy option to a party.


Start the trend of helping you and your coworkers get healthy.  Bring a healthy option to the party so that you can eat healthy too.   You know that at least ONE of the options at your holiday party will be a great option!

I hope this helps as the holidays get closer.

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