Nov 11, 2013

Motivation Monday 30 Day Challenges

Happy Veteran's Day fit friends.  So glad you stopped by to visit today and check out what is motivating us at the Four Fit Sisters site.  As many of you know, the four of us sisters enjoy the opportunity to share what we have learned in our 25+  years in regards to health and fitness, motherhood, teaching, and life in general.  We do not pretend to be experts in anything other than our educated fields of interest, and enjoy the opportunity to share what life has taught us through the hands we have been dealt and the experiences we have had.  Whether we are talking about organizing a home, Celiac Disease, our new favorite workouts, or sharing personal life stories, we are thankful for your interest and appreciate the feedback and kind words that are left through comments and emails.

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Outside of sharing what life has taught us, we also enjoy taking the time to help others find their way through the often lonely battle with getting fit and healthy.  For some, getting healthier means losing weight, and for others, getting stronger or more active, and some just needing education about what foods are most beneficial to their body; everyone has their own set of specific goals.  We are excited to find ways to help anyone with whatever goals they have set for themselves - and we have found success in the 30 Day Challenge setting.  I wanted to take time today to explain exactly what we do during our challenges, and what we think has made our challengers so successful.

First, challengers are invited into a private Facebook support group.  I think this is a key component in the success of challengers.  They are not alone in the journey.  They are working with 5 - 12 other people who are working towards like goals and are fighting through the same path.  Some people can find success without a challenge setting.  Especially if they have a spouse or close friend or family member that is accompanying or supporting them on their journey.  We are able to reproduce this advantage through a private setting, and find members to create a safe and supportive system for success.
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I can't say enough about accountability.  This is the next big success driver.  During our challenges, we create opportunities for daily check-ins and interactions to keep our members engaged and accountable.  Small, yet simple tasks that keep the members sharing, active and on task for 30 days straight.  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit - it isn't easy to keep people engaged for 30 days straight, but we work hard to keep the members motivated and inspired during our time together, so that they leave us with the knowledge and confidence to know that they can continue their new healthier habits long after our 30 days are over.

Next, I have found requiring challengers to take before and after pictures and their measurements some of the most influential aspects of the challenge.  You would be surprised at the shock and awe when our challengers are able to see a side-by-side shot of themselves and truly appreciate the changes that their bodies have started to make in just 30 days.  Many of my challengers are horrified at the though of taking a picture of themselves in their "before" state - which is sad, but true.  I think this step is an honest piece that has to happen in order to find success.  If you begin your journey without a real evaluation of where you are starting, it is hard to move forward with 100% honesty.  It is humbling and a reality check for most challengers, and for ME, the number one motivator for success.  Knowing that there was a before shot of me lying around was so inspiring.  I knew I was going to put 110% effort into making real changes so that when I stood to take my afters that I would have something to be very proud of.

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Lastly, a combination of nutrition and movement is critical for success in our challenges.  We work hard to help our challengers truly understand what it takes to create a deficit in their calorie intake and find a way to manage their food and exercise together to make changes in a healthy way - no starving yourself or working out for 2 hours a day.  I truly believe that if weightloss is the goal, your success is 70% due to the foods you are eating and 30% due to the exercise habits you are introducing.  Have you ever heard the saying "You can't outrun your fork".  So true.  You can workout really hard, and see little results if the food isn't right.  We work hard on healthy meal planning, and guide our challengers to find ways to eat healthy and whole foods that keep them full and satisfied throughout their days with us, and hopefully inspire lifelong changes moving forward once the challenge setting is done.

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We are so excited each month to hold challenges for people that are interested and ready to make changes in their life.  The challengers are inspiration to us and are a huge reason that we are able to keep motivated and keeping up with our own healthy choices.  Everyone knows how the beginning of a new year allows for people to start fresh and set new goals for themselves.  We would love for you to keep us in mind for your New Years Resolution if health and fitness is a place where you struggle.  We would love to support you with a system that has proven to be successful for others just like you.  If you have the desire within you, we can help you meet your goals in a healthy and fun way through our 30 day challenge setting. 

Email us at for info on any of our 30 day challenges - not limited just to New Years!  Or visit our individual Facebook pages to see when new challenge opportunities become available. 

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Thanks for visiting today. We hope your week is off to a great start.  Enjoy your Monday!

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