Nov 22, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

It truly is my favorite time of year.  I know that Thanksgiving hasn't actually been here yet, but it is SO late this the time of the year has already started in our house.  Besides all of the holiday festivities, it is time for our 2nd annual girls weekend at the Lake.  Much. Needed. 

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My brain needs a break from kids, work, assessments, lists, and all of the drama that fills up our daily lives.  I need a weekend away with my sisters, and a few close friends that could join in the fun.  Think wine, movies, shopping, and catching up with conversations uninterrupted by questioning kiddos and piles of laundry.  Undivided attention from our besties.  Bliss. 


Friday night shenanigans are thought to be a holiday movie, wine and dinner in.  I am thinking something not too-holidayish, since technically that is illegal.   We could use your help voting: Love Actually or the Holiday?  Such a hard choice...maybe we'll have time for both.  Don't let Jude Law sway your vote. 

Combo Movie Choices

Saturday will probably start off with a early morning workout of some sort.  Last year we tackled the endless stairs that led us down to the docks.  Not sure that will be manageable this year since it is set to be SO cold.  Seriously cold.  We may need to keep inside this year...maybe some T25 to wake up the neighbors.


Post workouts and breakfast, we will definitely head to the outlet mall for some serious Christmas shopping action.  We brought home so many bags last year.  We need to take this into consideration when making travel arrangements.  Will we be able to get back in the same vehicle in which we arrived?!  So much fun.  Haley and I got harrassed last year for opting out of lunch to continue our shopping.  Judge away - we were on a mission. 

shop til you drop

Saturday evening will consist of a late lunch and early dinner followed by a trip to the theater to see CATCHING FIRE!!  So excited.  Last year we saw Breaking Dawn Part II.  Almost fainted.  Had friends on speed-dial.  Hand holding.  Freaking out.  Loved it.  Hoping that Katniss won't dissapoint. 

Mirror Shock

Sunday, get up and get back to reality.  Speed home to kiss my boys and get ready for a short week back at work.  I can handle a two-day work week. 

So thankful for these amazing sisters and women in our lives.  Thankful for the hubbies that give us the much needed time together so we can reset, recharge and get the push we need to keep up the lives and the lifestyles we live each day.  Wishing you a fantastic weekend with your family and friends.  Follow us on IG and FB for updates on the blissful weekend.

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