Nov 1, 2013

Fit Friday...My favorite things

Today I wanted to show off a collection of things that have made me smile and made me think this week.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I love this one.  It is NOT meant to insult.  It's meant to look within and see what you are really doing.  What type of life are you living?


How we react is so important.  Especially when making fitness and life changes.  You will fall off the path at times and it is what you do to get BACK on the path that allows for success.


This one was the MOST eye opening for me.  I never thought of it like this before.  I want to hang this on EVERY wall that I see.


One week at a time!!!


Amen...nothing feels better than this!


Bahahahaha.  This was me last weekend for Halloween.  Drinks and all the Halloween candy!!


Ryan Gosling...the end.


I loved this picture that Marta posted...JUST START. Don't wait for a reason.  Just jump in.  So true.

chevron november 30 for 30

So if you are ready to start, jump in.  Adie and I are hosting our November 30 for 30 challenge on Facebook and Instagram.


Marta is hosting her monthly mileage challenge for November.  55 miles of walking or running.  Join in on the fun.  Find your reason for working out and JUST START.  Let today be your day.


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