Nov 18, 2013

$400 Black Friday Giveaway!

 black friday graphic for shay

Yes!  One person is about to win a $400 Visa gift card!
Happy Black Friday Shopping to YOU!

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But how should you spend it?
Let the Four Fit Sisters help you out.
Let's talk a bit about how we often plan our Black Friday shopping.
It doesn't have to be stressful and crazy (unless you like that sorta thing) we at Four Fit Sisters do not.

Black Friday shopping doesn't need to give you hives and make you feel like you must breathe into a brown paper bag.
It doesn't mean you have to fight for a parking space, push someone over for a discounted sweater or rage at a salesman.
It can be peaceful.
How you ask, well just shop away from the comfort of you own home on your laptop in your jammies on, while chugging coffee of course, with your list of people you love and your credit card.
This is how we will plan on doing most of our shopping on Black Friday this year.

We like to focus on one retailer at a time.
We like to stick with the retailers we trust, the ones with free shipping options, the ones with big sales right now and with sales on Black Friday, the ones with good return policies...the ones I trust the most.

So, here's what we at Four Fit Sisters are loving from our favorite stores right now... these are things that we personally would love for the holiday season and things we think will be great as gifts too.
And there are sales, sales and more sales!

Let's get shopping...

First stop? Victoria's Secret


Most people do not think of VS for shoes and coats.
But they carry some of our faves.
With this long off-white belted coat you could TOTALLY channel your inner-Olivia Pope.


Haley has had her eye on these Saluki (SIU-C) colored boots for awhile.

As P.E. teachers and fitness consultants we need workout and lounge wear.
VS has some of our favorite items.  Especially if you are a tall girl.  They come in great lengths.

Right now Victoria's Secret is offering free shipping on almost every order.
Black Friday deals will be even better.

Next stop? Kiki LaRue


This picture is our inspiration we found on Pinterest.
But it TOTALLY reminded us of the amazing assortment of gorgeous sweaters and boots that they have on Kiki LaRue right now.
Every purchase we have made from there has been amazing.  Haley got a million compliments on this "saluki" maxi dress that she wore a while back...


What about some jewelry? Let's head over to the Bauble Bar.....


If you are in the need for some new arm candy or jewelry, Bauble Bar is our new favorite site.
They have fun and hip pieces that you can dress up or down.
As a sporty P.E. teacher, Haley loves to throw on some cute earrings, like the ones above, when she's stuck in sweats all day.
It's a nice way to make any casual outfit fun and feminine.  Check them out.

Old Navy is our next stop.



Haley has gotten SO many compliments on this adorable scarf that she scooped up at Old Navy.
They have it in blue too.
Whether you need accessories or the basics it is one of our all time favorites places to shop.
It is especially great for all the children on your list.  They have some of the best deals around.And finally, let's drool over some of our favorite workout gear.

Next up? Fitness gear!


Any shoes from Nike will be on our Christmas lists this year.

Shoe love.

2013-09-19 14.17.03
Target has some super cute workout tanks.

2013-09-18 09.29.24
And if you are tall like Marta, then you'll appreciate the length on some of Target's gear.
Coverage is key!

2013-10-08 09.43.38
And these fab leggings?
Also from Nike.

And if you like cute and fun workout tanks, you need to head over to Fire Daughter Clothing immediately.
Samya creates the most adorable shirts and has something for every FIT mamma on  your list.
She designed our Team Brick Haus tanks for us and when we wear them we get so many compliments.

And to wrap up our list of faves, here are a few random looks and items we are loving right now.....





This is the kick-off to our Black Friday!

Make sure you enter  below to win this amazing $400 Visa Gift Card and start your holiday shopping now!

Forget the pushing, fighting and at home this year!
Go! {and remember, if you share our giveaway on Facebook you'll be entered 10 extra time!)
Good luck!

Happy Black {Monday} Friday from the Four Fit Sisters!

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  1. I need a shopping spree something fierce! Love your blog and down to earth view on life!

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  4. I would love to win this $400 gift card. I have ben unemployed for three months. I need a new laptop, my died a Very painful death and my oldest daughter is getting married on New Years Eve.

  5. Would love, love, love this! This was a fun "scavenger hunt" for us girls! Thanks for introducing me to some great Facebook and Instagram pages! :)

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  7. Love you blog and would LOVE a shopping spree.

  8. Starting a new job in a week could definitely use it to buy work clothes!!

  9. You girls are simply amazing and I can't tell enough how what you all do benefits so many! You touch so many people in some way and make us all better,stronger people!!