Oct 15, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Hey Everyone!!

Today I wanted to take a few minutes and highlight a few of my most recent clients and show off their amazing success.  Since it's Transformation Tuesday, it just seemed fitting.

If you are new here, my sisters and I host "30 Day Challenges."  These challenges allow our clients to get back on track.  They work with us for 30 intense days to get that healthy spark back and get back into the GOOD habits that allow you to live the most healthy life you can live.  We work with you on workouts, nutrition AND accountability.  It is so humbling to receive the pictures at the end of our 30 days together.  And this is why...


I mean look how her stomach just...disappeared!!  I was floored by this picture.

Another client of mine had amazing results.   You can see how she trimmed up so much around the stomach and lower back area.



And you can really see from the side view how much muscle tone she started gaining in her stomach.


The client below is doing T25 and she is dominating!!!! You can see how her body is transforming EVERYWHERE.  From arms to stomach!


It has been so much fun working with all of these amazing clients.  These are just a few of my most recent challengers and they were kind enough to let me share their pictures.  Thank you ladies...You know who you are.

I would also like to take a second to let you know about our coaching opportunities.  Four Fit Sisters is transforming as well, and will be hosting a 30 Day Fast Track Training program beginning on October 28th. Are you interested?


We are opening up an opportunity for  you to join our New Fitness Coach Fast Track Training which takes place in a Facebook group and has trainings you can watch/read/hear at your convenience with direct mentorship from ME and my three sisters.

If you are in the US or Canada, you're passionate about fitness and think you may be a good fit doing what we do (and other Team Brick Haus members) promoting health and fitness on Intagram/Facebook- we can talk about what it entails, the benefits, the cost and if you might be a good fit!

Email us today for more details!


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