Oct 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday...My favorite weekend of the year

It's here ladies and gentleman.  My favorite weekend of the year.

It combines my all time favorite things...Family, Food, Fun, and Wine.

I don't know that it could EVER get better than that.  The 2nd Sunday in October we spend the day in Augusta, MO where both my mother and father's side of our family grew up.  It's an amazing little town that I 100% want to retire to some day.  If you've never been there it's a must if you have any interest in wineries and/or antiquing.  They have an amazing pumpkin patch that is great around this time as well.

Anyway, back to our family...Our family is pretty awesome.  I know that I am pretty biased, but it is true.  We have so much fun when we get together.  We are big, loud, fun and totally in love with each other...not in a creepy way.  It is probably not normal for a family to have this much fun when they get together...but we do.

Here is a picture of our immediate family last year...


Seriously...those trees?? And this is just OUR part of the family that attends.  My dad is one of 5 siblings, and with their own children and grandchildren.   We also have in-laws that join us too.  The numbers are growing rapidly. It gets crazy fast, and we love it.

The main reason that I wanted to write about this on "Throwback Thursday" is because of what could be the BEST compliment that I received this summer and I feel like this weekend really proves that this person is right.

While running with a friend during boot camp she said that she trusted my input on living a healthy lifestyle because we looked like the type of people that still had FUN.  That we were able to manage a life that was balanced enough to be healthy, and to maintain a level of fitness without starvation and living the life of a "diet."  I couldn't agree more.  And for her to say that to me was so eye opening.  There are people out there that think that in order to be healthy they can have NO fun.

IMG_3781You should be able to live a balanced life.  And I would say that is what we strive for the most.  BALANCE.

We can eat, drink, and be merry with the best of them.  But, we also know that when a big weekend is planned like this I try and "take it easy" the week leading up.  Life should be fun.  Life should not be a constant battle of counting calories and never picking up a slice of pizza for your entire existence.  I would say it's about 80-20.  80% of the time I am good, and that allows for some leeway.

Is 80-20 something you can live with??  And I say this not about the number on the scale.  As long as I can keep up with these cuties below I will always be happy


If that isn't a reason to keep yourself healthy and active I don't know what is???

So if you are struggling make sure you find YOUR balance.  Life should allow for some fun.  It will be hard until you get to a "good place." But, once you get there it absolutely should be FUN.  Think about the end.  Where do you want to be in 5 years?  I hope the word fun is in there.  It will always be in my future plans.

I made a little collage of our family from our annual trip to Augusta...


Have a fun weekend everyone.  Go Cardinals!!!!!!!


  1. This is SUCH a great reminder. Love seeing your family growing/growing up :)

  2. Oh my gosh- your Augusta pics are beautiful! I will maybe see you all there. I get to go to Augusta for the first time since 2006, and I am SUPER excited!