Oct 14, 2013

Manic Monday

We had a crazy fun weekend.  If you read Haley's blog on Thursday, we made our annual trip to August, MO for a sausage supper and trip to the winery on Sunday.  I ate more than usual and enjoyed a few glasses of wine.  I spent most of Saturday trying to catch up on some much needed sleep after our adventures on Friday night watching the Cardinals take the first game in the series of the NLCS Championship.   So. Much. Fun.

Go Cards

Clydesdales, me and Haley being OVER the 13 inning game, and finally: bringing home a winner!


All the grand-babies together, Mia and Ella posing, and a nice family shot


Our crazy family , and me & my boys

Since this weekend was crazy, I wanted to review a post that Haley had on her Facebook page regarding using the foam roll.  We were chatting about wanting to post it on the web so everyone would have a chance to see it.  It is one of the most beneficial and much needed pieces of equipment that I genuinely could not survive without.  I would recommend everyone get one, and use it often to help keep your body at its best.

Do you use a roller?  We'd love to hear from you.  Contact us here at the blog, or individually through our Facebook pages.  Tell us how your roller helps, or if you need suggestions on how to use it for the biggest benefits.  Have a great Monday.  Can't wait for things to slow down a bit over at the FourFitSisters world.

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