Sep 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday...Consistency


Thanks for joining Throwback Thursday.  I've been thinking A LOT about what I wanted to write about and HOW I wanted to word it so it made sense.  I hope that I reach that goal.

The key to my success isn't necessarily which workout I choose.  It doesn't matter if it's cardio, lifting weights, circuit training, or any other workout on the planet.  What I have noticed through all the years is one thing...CONSISTENCY.

When I am consistently working out I am at my fittest.  Since starting the "September 30 for 30" with Adie, I have actually lost weight, instead of maintaining.  Some of you are probably saying, "duh, Haley."  But, what you need to realize is that I haven't really been working out at my maximum effort.   I have not been doing my most challenging workouts, or working out for the number of minutes I would normally workout.  Most of the normal workouts that I do are much more than 30 minutes and at a higher intensity.

One of my favorite workouts, like the Plyometric Insanity DVD, is very intense for around forty minutes and I feel like I'm dying.  Haven't done it.

Running...haven't been doing much of that.  Just a bit here and there.

I have been lifting weights, jumping on the bike, some Turbofire DVDs,  and doing random exercise.  That is the truth.  I don't even have a "program" right now.

Now, why I bring this up is important.  It reminds me of when I was in the summer after my senior year of Softball, 2004.

I stayed in Carbondale for the summer and got to work with another athlete from SIU.  She was a volleyball player, and we had so much in common.  We loved to be physically active and cared about maintaining a healthy lifestyle after our sports were done.  We decided to go running and pretty much went 5 days a week.

We would run campus lake twice, which is just under 4 miles.

That is all I did...all summer. NO lifting weights, NO circuit training.  JUST running.


I had great results.  However, before recently, I thought it was due to the fact that I was running...and that was the workout that I needed to get my most fit.


Since that summer I have done stretches where I only run...Not the same results. AT ALL!!! Not even close.

What I have come to realize is that it wasn't about the RUNNING I was was about the consistency.

Running did NOT get me the results...consistency did.

When I seem to "struggle" or "fail" a bit it usually has to do with when I take too many days off.  This is why the September 30 for 30 has really kicked things back into gear for me.  I have not missed a day yet.  Even when my daughter was sick last week, and I didn't feel well myself, I went for a 30 minute walk to get my 30 minutes in!!!

Consistency is key.  So, if you have something you like to do already...keep it up.  But, one thing I try and help my clients realize is how important physical fitness is, and how it needs to be a habit, or part of your NORMAL routine.

Another point I would like to make is that consistency even outweighed my diet.  I was NOT eating the most healthy at this point in my life.  I worked at a bar...eating bar food and drinking more than I ever did before.  I wasn't watching what I ate...or drank.  I was just running and having fun.  Now, does that mean if you work out every day you will never have to watch what you eat??

Absolutely not...SUMMERER20042


The point I am trying to make is that even though I wasn't watching what I ate, because I was consistent with my workouts I was able to still create a deficit in order to be successful.  And I'm sure age and metabolism helped a bit as well.

How can this help you? Easy.  Put your workouts into your calendar.  Leave them there.  Make them a part of your routine and you will finally see some consistency.  If you are CONSISTENT with your workouts, I know you will have success.

One final Throwback Thursday picture...just for fun.  I can't believe this is close to nine years ago! 



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