Sep 24, 2013

The Weight Debate

How many of you know how much your best friend weighs?
What about your mom? Sister? Pastor? Coworker? Mailman?
I personally have no clue how much anyone in my life weighs.
Nor do I care in the least bit.


With this being said, why is it that us as individuals are so concerned with how much we weigh?
I have never quite understood this.  It's meaningless, really.

Do you know how much your refrigerator weighs? Nope.
All I know is that it keeps my food nice and cold.
As long as it's doing it's job and doing it well, I could care less what it weighs.

Same for my body. As long as it's functioning to the best of it's ability,
and I look and FEEL healthy,  my weight doesn't matter.

scale 4

When you walk in the room no one looks at you knows what you weigh.
They look at you and see how you look, feel and act.

Do you look happy? Do you look healthy?

Today, I'd like you to look in the mirror and have a little chat with yourself regarding your obsession, if you have one, with your weight. It's an interpersonal issue, considering no one else in the world knows what you weigh, unless you tell people.
So have a little talk with yourself today regarding why your weight matters to you.

Is getting the number on the scale a huge deal for you personally?
f you said yes, I challenge you to change your thoughts on this today.
From this day forward, I want you to focus on your health, how you feel, how much energy you have.
Not how much you weigh.

If you are working hard everyday at becoming more healthy and physically fit, then yes, perhaps your weight will lower.
But the number shouldn't be your daily motivation.


I know for a fact that when I'm 85 I won't remember how much I weighed at age 34 as much as I remember how I FELT, LIVED and LOVED.

Train your brain to focus on more goals than just lowering your number on the scale.
For example, losing body fat and improving your endurance, or toning your muscles and feeling energized are much more appealing to me than just lowering my WEIGHT.

Do you agree?
Are you willing to change your thoughts on the importance of weight?

I'd love to hear from you!

Signature Marta



  1. Love this. I don't have a huge issue with the scale -- I try and go by how I'm feeling and how my clothes fit. But at times, I do feel I let the number get into my head too much.

    I always appreciate your persepctive!!

  2. Guilty. I am a daily weigh-er. I have been working hard not to define myself by the number, but I do notice that when I am aware of it I am more easily able to make healthy choices. Definitely something to think about! Maybe I shouldn't be doing that. I have a friend who thinks it's horrifying that I weigh myself everyday. At the same time, it keeps me motivated to make good choices...

  3. I do believe that I am more important than that number. But I also believe that number is important. If I only had 10 or 15 pounds to lose, maybe it wouldn't matter quite as much. But as somebody that has about 50 to lose, it means a lot. And I can gain muscle and work out until the cows come home, but when you're my size, its the shedding of the pounds that make the most visible difference. Not the toning of the muscle.