Sep 23, 2013

Meal Tip Monday

Hey everyone.  Today I want to hand out some tips that have made staying healthy a breeze.

I want to cover...


I ran across this pin on Pinterest and it caught my attention.  What should we do before and after a workout???

If you workout FIRST thing in the morning the answer is NOTHING.  A fasted workout is the best type of workout to burn fat.  Your body is primed and ready to do some serious work, and that is JUST what it will do if you can handle a fasted workout.

If you workout mid-morning then you will want to start off your day with protein.  My family and I stalk Dr. Oz.  On his show he always says "30 for 30."  This means you want to get 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes that you are awake.  I am a firm believer in this.  If I don't workout first thing I head straight for the eggs or Shakeology.  We have some amazing recipes for shakes on Shakeology Pinboard on Pinterest...LOOK HERE

If you are a fan of eggs...have you ever tried adding cottage cheese to your eggs?


I recently ran across this idea on Pinterest and I LOVE it.  Especially if I use egg whites instead of the full egg.  I add 2 T of cottage cheese to the mixture and it just gives a texture and flavor that I can't get enough of.  Try it immediately.  I see you running to the fridge right now.

So any time during the day you should prep your body with fuel before the workout.  I love make ahead or "overnight" oatmeal.  I make mine using almond milk and greek yogurt, and SOMETIMES I even throw in some protein powder.  It is packed with protein and healthy carbs and keeps me full.  Here is a great recipe that I came across the other day.  OVERNIGHT OATMEAL. The flavor possibilities are endless.   These are the best snacks Pre-workout...and they are already made ahead of time.

So whether  you do or do NOT  work out first thing in the morning you need to really consider what you are putting in  your body AFTER your workout.  My favorite POST-workout meal is obviously Shakeology.  The best invention ever.  But, if I can't get my hands on a shake then I usually pack some protein with me at all times.  I will have a Greek Yogurt, almonds, a protein bar, or celery with almond butter.  This helps your body replenish the protein it needs to NOT burn your muscle, but to use the fat.  It is EXTREMELY important to eat the right things before and after workouts.

I hope this helps you understand what your body needs as you sculpt your body in whatever way you choose.  You can be a powerhouse in the weight room, but if you don't put the right kind of gas in the tank it just won't look right.

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