Sep 26, 2013

Fit Friday - 9.27.13

October Challenge Alert!!!

If you are new to the Four Fit Sisters site, or new to our Facebook pages, then you may not know about some of the virtual challenges that we offer each month.  And if you aren't new, then you have probably been anxiously awaiting the release of the next mileage challenge from Marta, or waiting to hear what other ways we would like to help motivate you.  Whether new or old, we wanted to invite you to join one of our challenges starting up in October.

October in St. Louis is one of the most spectacular times of year.  Cardinals baseball, autumn colors everywhere, winery trips, and one of the most beautiful times to get outside, get moving and get committed to getting more fit than you were in September.  Who wants to join in the excitement?!

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If running and walking is your thing - don't worry, Marta is back with her monthly running challenges.  Insta- and Facebook friends can log their mileage to #48milesinoctober.  Don't forget to tag Marta @hausofgirls_fitfamily so she can cheer you on along the way and encourage you to meet your next big goal.  If you're a runner or walker, find her on Facebook as well and she can support you that way too.


In September, Adie and I hosted our first challenge called #september30for30, asking our Instagram and Facebook friends to track their workouts in an attempt to get moving 30 minutes a day for 30 days during September.  We were so happy with the interest, and of course, inspired and motivated by the participants.  It was 100% responsible for keeping me on track and accountable for my own workouts throughout September.  I think I only missed one day.  So, thank you!!

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We have decided to continue our challenge based on minutes completed for the month of October.  We have bumped up the intensity, but lowered the frequency, allowing for a day off each week.  October's challenge is #october35for27 .  Let's get your HEART PUMP-kin this month.  We are asking our challengers to get moving for 35 minutes for 27 days during the month of October.  Are you up for the challenge this round?  Whether you are into yoga, TurboFire, walking, running, kickboxing, T25, lifting weights, Crossfit - you pick your poison...just get your heart rate up for as many days as you can.

You can be inspired and held accountable on Facebook or Instagram.  Haley's IG is:  @haley_fourfitsisters and Adie's is: @adie_fourfitsisters.  Tag us in your posts so we can cheer you on.  If you're posting to Facebook, be sure to like our pages so you can get up to date posts and information about the challenges. OR

Maggie is also hosting her first 4 week yoga challenge.   She will be introducing new yoga moves every day.  Follow her on instagram @maggievee15.  Have you ever tried yoga? Now is your chance.  It will make DRAMATIC changes to your body and your performance in other workouts.  Beginners, or professional yogis all welcome.



Wishing you a fantastic October, and hoping that it gets off to a great start!!  I know we have a lot of family fun in store this fall.  Thanks for keeping us on track.

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