Aug 26, 2013

September 30 for 30


Do you need some extra motivation this month?  If you do, then join our September challenge.  We want you to do 30 minutes of exercise every day, for 30 days!  It can be walking, running, weight lifting, hiking, yoga, you name it. 

Everyone has 30 minutes a day, make a habit—change your life and your body.


@adie_fourfitsisters  @haley_fourfitsisters 

The school year has begun for kids and teachers.  Now is the time to make changes.  Get your kids involved and spread the word.  Share on facebook and instagram.  If you share it, please use the hashtag #september30for30 so we can see what you are doing. 

Thanks for joining us.

Adie and Haley

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  1. i love this SO much! it's such a manageable thing. love how you all are inspiring others to get healthy. i can't wait to be apart of it!