Jul 15, 2013

Summer Bootcamp




I am running a Teacher/Mommy/Friend boot camp this summer.  It is so exciting.

I am excited to do something that is bigger than my own health.  I am excited to do something that so many people need.  I am excited to try and help others who don’t know where to start.

Let me explain this Boot Camp.  First of all…don’t be scared off by the name “Boot Camp.”  I promise not to inflict pain on anyone.  I am not a drill sergeant.  In fact, I won’t be anywhere near you while you are working out :)   How much work you get out of these workouts will be completely up to YOU.  You will choose how fast you run/walk.  You will choose how hard you work on the exercises.  I am just the set up gal.

We will meet before we begin, and I will teach/show  you the exercises for the day.

You will then be on your own.  Run/Walk a lap.  Then you will complete one of the exercises.  Then Repeat…and Repeat…and Repeat…until you feel done.


I will be providing balls and play stuff to entertain the kids.  There will be footballs, kickballs, hula hoops, and more.  The kids can play while we work on our fitness.  The track is also stroller friendly.  I have a double jogging stroller that I probably won’t be using.  Its not illegal for only one kid to sit in it…so if anyone wants to borrow it I can totally bring it. And if you have “older kids” I would NOT be sad if they A) Participated or B) Helped with the little kids.  This is very family friendly, and the more we can help each other the better!!!

Now the details…

Where: CMS Track

When: 9am every MON, WED, and FRI

Who: Whoever needs to get healthy.

Contact: Haley Karayiannis for any questions  Haleyv6@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you and  your families here to get healthy and fit this summer!!

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