Jul 15, 2013

Body After Baby



I started a "Biggest Loser" challenge at my school right after the new year.


It has really helped me stay accountable on my healthy journey.

It has helped me research new ideas to improve our family's health.

It has allowed me to branch new friendships with coworkers.

It has been amazing.  I feel like I am truly helping people.  I feel like I help kids at school all the time.  But sometimes it feels amazing to help adults too.

Obesity is a HUGE problem...huge.  Pun intended.

There are too many people that are not willing to make a change.  I don't understand this.

Maybe it's because I have never truly been overweight.  But I will say, after gaining 55lbs with Ella I was hanging on to the last 20-25lbs after baby and I DID NOT LIKE IT.  I hated getting dressed.  I felt heavy when I began working out.  And that was only with an extra 25lbs!! I can't imagine the struggles and the efforts if you have more to lose.  But, what I'm telling you is...don't give up.

Here is a picture of me 15 days before giving birth.  I was ENORMOUS.

At the time...I thought I looked good.  I thought that I had done a GREAT job of being pregnant.  The truth was, I did NOT.  Yes you can enjoy the cravings and the "eating for two."  You can not, however, eat for eight. :) ha ha

I worked out and walked...but that was NOT enough.

When baby Ella was born the main chunk, about 30lbs, of my weight came off pretty easy.  But the last 20-25lbs hung on for dear life.  Just breastfeeding and watching what I ate was NOT even denting the baby weight that I thought would just "fall off."

I was an athlete...I was in good shape before.   It will be so easy :)

It wasn't.

Here is a picture about a month and a half later at my niece's birthday party...still puffy and totally uncomfortable getting dressed.

Here is a picture from September, almost 4 months later...THAT BELLY!! And my sausage arms!!

But I did something about it.

I didn't crash diet.

I didn't starve myself.

I worked out and ate healthy.

It took me almost a year after Ella was born to be back to "normal."

Here I am at normal...pre-pregnancy weight just over a year after Ella was born...

(I am in the white dress in case you didn't know I was a twin)

Some of you may say when you look at my after pictures above that I didn't even need to lose any weight.  And that is fine, and that is your opinion.  But I have super high standards.  I want to be FIT and healthy...for my own kids and for my kids that I teach EVERY day.  I want to be an inspiration to them and to be able to keep up and play with them for a LONG time!!!

When pregnancy #2 came around I wanted to be better.  I did not want to go through the weight struggle again.  Having been pregnant before I knew what actual HUNGER was, and what I just WANTED to eat.  I have news for you people...there is a difference :)  I never deprived myself.  I just made better choices.  Maybe the baby doesn't need dessert EVERY night.  :)

After struggling to lose the weight after baby #1 it made me think twice before saying "yes" to every craving.  It's hard to say "no" but your body afterwards will thank you.

I can not tell you how much happier I was on pregnancy #2

I am in the pink dress at 19 weeks...

***Sidenote...how cute that four of us cousins (and my twin sister and I) were pregnant at one time :)

This picture is two weeks before giving birth to Tyler...I was so much healthier.  I only gained 30lbs...and it came off so much easier too.

Tyler is 9 days old here...and my puffiness was already almost gone...

Two months after baby I actually got in a bikini.  It wasn't the best I've looked, but it wasn't the worst either ;)

So you can say "no" to some of the extras.  You shouldn't deprive or starve yourself by any means...but being pregnant DOES NOT mean you must give in to every temptation thrown your way :) Nor does it mean to consume everything in sight and blame it on the baby.  The baby may want that Snickers Ice Cream bar...but the baby will not be running it off for you after she or he is born. ha ha

My new goal...is to start helping more adults!!!!

That is why I started the Biggest Loser Challenge at my school.  It ends on May 1st.  So this summer I started a NEW challenge.

I have been running a summer bootcamp for my co-workers and mommy friends.

You bring your kids, and we all get fit and healthy together.

I provide the fun for the kids...and the workout for the adults.

Does it get better than that??

No stress, just workouts.

It has been amazing!!!!

The workouts are set up as an "at your own pace" kind of workout.  I will have the exercises for the day picked out and you work at YOUR own speed.

No one will judge you.

No one is timing you.

You finish when you want to finish and go home.  I love it!

At the beginning of the summer I had around 20 adults and their children.  It was amazing.

So amazing that we even split into two groups.  My friend Michelle is running the 7am class and I am running the 9am class.  If you haven't been yet please join us.

7am or 9am at the Carbondale Middle School track.

Happy Fit Summer.

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  1. Hi Hailey! This is Jill (Jaeger) Schulte. You are so inspiring! I have a friend at work and in December we started where we workout after school together. We use the smartboard a lot. It really helps to stay motivated. You look amazing!

  2. fourfitsisters@gmail.comJuly 15, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    Thank you so much. Congrats to you and your friends for working out after school. It is the hardest thing to schedule it into your day and stick to it, I know!!! I hope you continue doing it this year as well. When I started my boot camp this summer I was thrilled with the turnout.
    Thanks for reading.
    Haley :)

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