Jul 15, 2013

Adie's 30 Day Challenge

My name is Adie and I am the second born of the Four Fit Sisters. :) I squeaked by Haley in utero by three whole minutes becoming the "second oldest" of the Viefhaus girls.  Yes, I am a twin and it is by far the most defining characteristic in my life.  I am a wife to my hubby, Meade, and a mommy to my two cute boys, Meade and Cooper.  I am a kindergarten teacher - and I absolutely love my job.  I have a blessed life full of happiness in every direction I look.


I am a sister to the three most amazing people I know.  Imagine having three best friends that can add up to being experts on literally everything you need to know about.  If I need parenting advice, I can head over to Marta's and ask her.  Having an issue with a student at school, Haley is just a phone call away.  Maggie is a perfect go-to when I need inspiration or help dressing for a big date or parent teacher conferences.  The most abundant wealth of knowledge in the most accessible means imaginable.




Not only are my sisters inspirational in my work and home life, they are also my biggest motivators and mentors when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.  We thrive on a healthy competition within each other that keeps us in check and motivated for successful gains, as well as offers support when we find a place with which we are struggling.  Four women who have literally tried it all and come out on top, and have so much to share with each other...and now want to share with and inspire others to be successful and healthy as well.


I am starting the Beach Body Challenge T25 today to try to jumpstart my health and take it to the next level.  I will check in often and tell you how it is going, as well as update you with pictures and meals and let you know how everything is going.  I can't wait to see the differences in my body.  I am so ready to get rid of my baby weight from my second son, Cooper.  Can you still call it baby weight if they are two? ;) As it says on the box: Let's do this!



Thanks for checking in with us.  We look forward to being an inspiration to those who need it.  :)

 Signature Adie

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