Jul 31, 2013

Headband Tutorial and Giveaway!!!

FITNESSHEADBANDIf you work out then you know that keeping your hair out of your face is a must!

It's right up there with comfortable shoes in my world.  If my hair gets in my face I am distracted and annoyed.
There is nothing worse than stopping in the middle of an intense workout to adjust your headband or ponytail.

Being a P.E. teacher I have gone through every, and I mean EVERY, headband there is.  Cute, tight, loose, thin, thick.
I have done the leg work and I have discovered the most comfortable workout headband yet.

It stays on my head, it's tight, but it doesn't cut off the circulation to my brain.
They are super adorable, but the best part, you can make them yourself!

Here's what you need:

A pair of adult or child leggings or tights


THAT'S IT!!!!!!


I went to our local Party City and went through the Halloween area and just the color area and found all of these leggings and tights for less than $6.00 a piece.
Knowing that you can make 2 to 4 headbands with each pair, I like to call this a great deal.

Here's what you do...

First lay out your leggings or tights.

These are adult tights, so I should get 4 headbands out of the pair.  Cut the legs off of the top and then cut the toes off.

This is where you determine if you can make 4 or 2.  With the adult tights I was fine with cutting them in half. But, if you have a big head you may want to wrap it around and test it out.
There's no going back once you cut.

Here comes the easy part- You literally just tie it in a knot behind your head and you are done.
Easy peasy.


The headbands cover a large part of your hair area so your bangs and "whispies," as we call them, stay out of your face.

If you want to get fancy, you could also sew them together.
I feel that these headbands are so stretchy that they have the tendency to stretch out so I like to leave mine knotted so I can adjust them as they loosen a bit if need be.

If you are using a legging or a child size tight you will probably only get 2 headbands out of a pair.

These were an adult pair of leggings, but I felt it would have been too tight to make two from each leg.  So I just made each leg a headband.  These may be my favorite since it is in my college color.
I will definitely be wearing these to a ton of SIU events coming up! Go Dawgs!

Seriously the easiest tutorial ever.
We hope that these help you stay adorable during your next workout!


Do you want to make your own cute pair?
Let the Four Fit Sisters send you a pair of fun tights!
To enter for the chance to win some, please do the following.

1.  Leave a comment below
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Haley's name is - @haley_fourfitsisters

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Adie's name is - @adie_fourfitsisters

Maggie's name is- @MaggieVee15

If you do any of these things, let us know.
We will then enter you in a drawing to win your very own pair of tights/leggings.
We will ship them straight to your house and you can size them up and cut them to fit!

Happy Headbanding!

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Jul 29, 2013

The Breakdown

As the new school year approaches, I am beginning to feel a bit anxious about going back to work. As a kindergarten teacher, I so appreciate the summer break and look forward every year to coming back in August refreshed and able to fully enjoy my new crop of incoming kindergarten babies.

2013 TOY (7)

Summer is a constant reminder of the freedom I so envy, and I truly enjoy my lazy days to spend with my boys. A clean house, fresh fruits and veggies on the table, trips to the pool or zoo, and constant play time with my two littles. A reminder about how all of this changes once August comes around.

My husband will attest to my sporadic and crazy mood changes throughout each school year. I would say that at least three times a year I have a complete and total breakdown, where I cry myself to sleep for a few nights in a row, full of complaining and self-loathing, and wondering how other moms out there can do it all. Are they sleeping on a snotty pillow like me, or am I the only one who feels so utterly overwhelmed at the attempt to keep my head above water as a working mother?


As a teacher, I think I find it exceptionally hard to swallow, since I am always given that glance, the preview, during my summers to what my life would look like if I was able to stay home and do all of the things I enjoy so much. I am a wannabe stay at home mommy, but I have to work.

Finding a balance of all things is completely overwhelming. It comes in waves where I feel like I am on top of the world, and then at times where I feel like the walls are crumbling down around me, swallowing me up whole. How does a mom keep a happy spouse, happy kids, thrive at work, have dinner cooked, and get her workout in all in the same day?

One thing that in which I have always taken pride, is my ability to prioritize. I definitely don’t always have it ALL put together – hence the breakdowns when parts of my life seem to be falling behind. But I do feel that the places I start to neglect are the appropriate ones to leave in the dust. I always make sure to make time to stay healthy. That includes finding time before or after school to get in some kind of a workout and preparing healthy meals for my family. If I don’t feel good about myself, every other area of my life will suffer. I always make sure to keep on top of things at work – no slacking there, I need my job, and love those kids as much as I love my own, and they deserve the best education, no excuses. I also try my hardest to give quality time to my kids and husband each night. The kiddies are not of a homework or sports activity age yet, so I am thankful for that. We find plenty of time to play and get out to ride bikes or read our books together every night.

So here are the areas that suffer: my house is usually a hot mess. I have moments of cleanliness and utter organization, but for the most part, if something is slacking – that would be first to go. And, I am okay with that. My friend, Kelly, made me a sign : Excuse the mess, the children are making memories. That suits me just fine. I can let the clutter go (for a little while) and enjoy time with my hubby and kids while ignoring the pile of dishes and heaps of laundry. My relationships with friends suffer as well. I feel like I can go longs periods of time without really talking with my friends and sometimes extended family. I am so thankful for Facebook and Instagram so I can virtually keep up with the things going on in everyone’s lives. Date night with the hubby is also one of the first items on the chopping block. Although as a family, we make time to be together each night, there are times where Meade and I don’t get the time we need to be alone or grab a bite to eat sans kids.

IMG_4780I understand completely why people can let their need and commitment to staying healthy or fit slip down in their priority list so easily. It is a big time commitment, and it is quickly neglected and dismissed because it is so easily labeled as selfish. People don’t think of it as a commitment to their future or as a gift of time with their kids in the long run. They think of it as a nag or another item to check of their list of things to do each day. Why can’t we reference that “walk on the treadmill” as “watching my first grandchild take their first steps”, or that “30 minutes of strength training” as “avoiding a hip replacement when I am 60”. Each movement towards greater health in your life is a gift of time to your future self. I know the rewards of the future are so worth today’s sweat or few extra bucks at the grocery store check-out.

Like I said, I understand this completely. We want to help YOU understand this. That is why my sisters and I are here in cyberspace. We are here to help motivate and inspire each reader to find the healthiest version of themself. We want to share the ideas and successes that have worked for us, and maybe some of the things that did not work out; help you find the balance in your life – not because our way is best, but because it works for us, and so maybe it would help you too.

As a Challenge Coach and Fitness Consultant, I have a personal goal as well. If I can take one of my priorities off of my plate and help make my life even simpler, then I will consider this a success. Maybe that means being able to hire someone to clean my house, so that I no longer have that stress when I get home from work, or maybe that means that I no longer have to work outside of the home at all. Inspiring and motivating others is something I already do on a daily basis anyway, so why not turn it into an opportunity where others can find success as well. Each day my sisters and I want to inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles. The information on our website is and will always be free, but we will also offer challenges and online training and motivation to help kick-start your journey towards a healthier and better you.

Sisters in workout gearWe hope you enjoy our journey and are able to find a balance in your own lives to avoid those breakdowns in life. We hope to help build you up and inspire you to create a lifestyle that highlights the needs and priorities specific to you, whatever they may be.

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Jul 23, 2013

Apples to Apples

The other day, the FourFitSisters got to talking about what apps we use to stay fit and healthy. I was surprised at how many we had in common, and of course shocked that we had anything that the others didn't know about already. Sister fail: we forgot to share something with each other. That rarely happens. It got me thinking that if we neglected to inform each other of a few gems we had on our phones, there are probably some more good ones out there that readers could share with us. 


We want to see a screenshot of YOUR favorite fitness apps! I was thinking you could tag us in it on Instagram and give us the goods on any we don't already have. 


Here is what we have already: 




Tag the FourFitSisters in your pic on Instagram and let us know what we are missing. @hausofgirls @adie_fourfitsisters @haley_fourfitsisters @maggievee15


If you aren't on Instagram, please leave us a comment about your favorite health and fitness apps. 


Hashtag #fourfitsistersappswap to see your pic below:


Feel free to send us questions or comments about any of the apps you see on our phones.   Almost all of them are free, but if you want to know cost or what we use if for, we are happy to fill you in.  We can't wait to see what apps you use. 


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Jul 18, 2013

Virtual 5K on July 24th

Happy Thursday and welcome to Four Fit Sisters!
If this is your first time visiting, welcome!

My three sisters (Adie, Haley & Maggie) and I are excited to launch this new blog where we will post weekly with fun tips on fitness, family, friends, craftiness, business and finding balance while juggling it all.

I'm Marta, the oldest of the sisters, and this is my very first post here on Four Fit Sisters.
So here we go.......

Marta & Steve 2013 summer 2

I know many of you are stopping by from Instagram where I have developed so many wonderful #fitfam relationships.
The inspiration and motivation I have found FROM YOU over the past year is unbelievable and I'm hoping that we can provide some of the same encouragement here at Four Fit Sisters for years to come.fitness inspiration

Over the past year I have loved hosting my monthly running challenges on Instagram and thought it would be fun to host my very first virtual 5K to celebrate my 34th birthday next Wednesday.

I am hoping YOU will join me and my sisters in running or walking 3.1 miles on July 24th to celebrate another year that I feel truly blessed to have enjoyed.

Life is a gift and I'm so excited to have you all join in with me doing something that makes you a better mom, wife, sister, friend, and person all on the SAME DAY! Who's in? Sign up on the linky below and feel free to share with anyone who might like to join in as well.

And please print off this bib to wear on July 24th and snap a photo for Instagram using #fourfitsisters5K.
We will be selecting one runner to receive a fun prize for participating!

Just right click this image and then select print.

FourFit 5k Bib














Have a happy day,

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Jul 17, 2013

A day in the life of Haley...

I am a summer girl and I always have been.  It is my goal to be outside as much as I can from 8am to 8pm.

As a family we make it a priority to be active all day every day, and so far this summer I am doing a heck of a job.  I am going to take you on a quick tour of what a typical day at our house looks like.  ENJOY...

Three days a week my days start off like this...



Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are my favorite days of the summer.  We get up early and head to my school and have our workout done for the day.  It has been wonderful.  The showing has been great.  We've had a ton of friends and coworkers attend.   We just mixed it up a bit naming Wednesdays as our "video day." We try out a new video.  This morning we did  Les Mills Pump.  My legs are still shaking...and I'm pretty sure most of the campers' legs are dying right now too.

After boot camp we usually head home and I chug some Shakeology and head out to the pool.


Ella just got into "laying out" aka "sunbathing."  She loves it because that's what mommy and daddy do when they are out there taking a break from throwing the kids back and forth.

If we don't head straight home after boot camp it may be because we headed to the water park...


This is also another favorite of ours.  My kids are really learning how to swim this summer.  Ella can get all the way to the bottom of the deep end in our pool. Tyler is just learning how to swim without "floaties."  He is doing great.  I know by the end of the summer he will pass the test at the water park to go down the BIG SLIDES...fingers crossed.

After some serious play time in the pool we usually head up to the new clubhouse for some down time...or educational play.  Ella will read a book, or they may play their Leap Pads for a while.  Sometimes they head up there while I'm making lunch.  Their grandpa just put this together for their birthdays and it has gotten SO much use it's ridiculous!!!


Sometimes we don't even make it inside for lunch...


After lunch it's back at it...usually some sidewalk chalk...


Or some backyard ball...


Softball is kind of a big deal in our family.  Ella had her first experience at softball camp this summer.  It was awesome.

After I have efficiently worn the kids out it's inside for nap/quiet time.  Tyler naps EVERY day...and Ella naps most.  If she doesn't nap she stays in her room for the duration of Tyler's nap.  Ella stays up so much later than she normally does during the school year so she is usually tired...even as a 6 year old.  Plus, this is mommy time.  If I haven't already gotten my workout in this is when I do it.  It's important to make this a huge priority.  It comes before dishes and laundry in my world...which doesn't make my husband very happy...but he gets it.

After nap it's a quick small snack for the kiddos and back at some activity.  If it's crazy hot we may spend this time playing inside.  This usually means we play "gymnastics" on the couch in the play room.  ha ha ha. If not then hitting golf balls in the yard is always a favorite...


Summers are meant for grilling and we do that probably 5 nights a week.  On the slight chance that we don't we may head up to the bar to eat dinner.  We own a bar...and we love to go up there and eat.  The kids also like to ride around on the two wheeler that is normally used for moving kegs around.  Don't be jealous.


After dinner its just hang out time again...or on a really lucky night the kid's absolute favorite...


I would say summer is the best.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to stay home and enjoy every moment with these two kiddos all summer long.  It is the  #1 reason I chose to be a teacher.  And I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks for touring our typical day.  I hope your days are as blessed as mine :) Happy Summer!!!!

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Jul 15, 2013

How to raise fit kids!!!


Its no accident that my kids LOVE fitness.  I have made it a part of their lives from when they could stand.  Whether it was spending time in the exer-saucer or the walker, I always found it important to start using your body in every way possible.

As a P.E. teacher I have seen the kids that struggle their Kindergarten year, all the way up to 8th grade, in Physical Education.  It is clear that they may have never picked up a ball or attempted skipping once...EVER.

It breaks my heart. Not because sports are the most important thing it the world...but because teaching your kids to be physically active should be one of the most important things in the world.  In my experience, with activity usually comes GAMES.  P.E. (at least in my class) has really steered away from all the traditional sports.  By that, I mean, we don't just play basketball or volleyball anymore.  What we do is play games or activities that are fun while incorporating skills to use forever. And we do a TON of lifetime fitness.  Circuit training and basic exercise has taken over.  Our kids need to know how to move their own bodies around.


So here are my favorite activities to do with kids:


  1. Take them Hiking...If it weren't for my friend, Michelle, I don't know if I would have discovered this one so early.  I started taking my kids hiking when Tyler was almost 3 years old.  They loved every second of it.  We have a nice area about 15 miles out of town with a 1 mile loop.  We can do it once, twice or however many the kids are up for.  Every once in a while I have to throw one of the kiddos on my back to keep a good pace, but that works out well for me too.  I get a good leg workout in as well :)                              IMG_3872

  2. Hula Hoops...totally a forgotten form of exercise.  My kids are 6 and 4, so they don't swing it around their hips much, though they try.  We throw them around the driveway, chase them, throw balls through them and try to jump through them.  The ideas and creativity you will see them attempt is mind blowing.  We literally take the hoops out to the driveway at least 3 days a week.hula-hoops

  3. Hopscotch..This is a wonderful way to work on some of the basics...skipping and hopping.  You have no idea how many kids can't skip or hop by third grade!!!hopscotch

  4. Workout video...Turn on a video and ask the kids to join you.  My kids BEG me to do videos.  Some of my favorites are Insanity, Turbofire and Jillian Michales 30 Day Shred.  Ella and Tyler even have their own set of 2 and 3lb weights...yep :)  IMG_0164

  5. Deck of Cards workout...I saw this idea on Biggest Loser. It was one of the "Last Chance Workouts." This is a great way to incorporate counting too.  You take a deck of cards.  Assign each suit an exercise.  For example...Diamonds would represent squats. Hearts could be push ups, etc.  Now the number or face card represents how many of each exercise you do.  You then go through the deck of cards. A 9 of hearts would be 9 push ups.  The kids LOVE this.  Especially if you let them pick the exercises!!        Cards

  6. Jump Rope...another lost art.  My kids work on the jump rope all the time.  Again, they are young, so they fail...a lot. There is nothing wrong with that.  They will get better.  You can also get a LONG rope and turn it for them.                                          jumprope

  7. PLAY CATCH!!! It doesn't have to be with a ball and glove.  It can be with a LARGE ball, small ball, soft, hard.  It doesn't matter.  But I can guarantee your kids will be expected, from Kindergarten through their senior year of high school, to throw and catch a ball.  It may be in game form, but it will happen.  Prepare them for success, please!!  ball bin header 2

  8. Go Outside...Give them room to run.  The saddest thing as a P.E. teacher is to see the lack in stamina these kids have.  I remember running the mile in middle school and it was an absolute breeze.  I can tell you from experience that this is not because my parents took us out to run the mile at a young age.  :) It is because we just played, and we were active.  Kids today just sit on their butts.  SO SAD!!  (If you look really close you can see that a few of us have beers in our hands while we play with the kids.  Don't be jealous...that's how the Viefhaus family rolls)backyard

  9. Yoga...This is an excellent way to begin the adventures of supporting and moving your own body weight.  Sounds simple right?? Well you would be surprised to see how many kids can barely hold their own weight up in a push up position by middle school.  Yoga is a fantastic way to hold your body in positions that strengthen your muscles.  It is often overlooked as an effective exercise.  So wrong.  Get on the internet and look up some moves that you can do with your kids.  They will love it and so will your toned thighs.  0d7a1a76-0414-4c1e-9190-f6ef00e1472f

  10. Frisbee...So fun.  Another lost form of play.  Frisbee is an "old school" game that is coming back HUGE in Physical Education.  As we steer away from sports we incorporate throwing and catching in games like Ultimate Frisbee.  They also make soft frisbees that are great for younger kids.  Go get one. Yesterday :)                              draft_lens4044492module27821612photo_1239897254picture_of_child_throwing_a_frisbee

  11. Take them golfing...Lifelong sports and activities are key in introducing physical activity into your child's life.  Golf is a game you can do FOREVER.  It takes a lot of practice in order to get really good, but the point is to teach them things they can do long after their days of forced physical activity (aka P.E.) are over.  Ha ha!                         Splash_Nav

  12. Jump on the Trampoline WITH them...My kids love to get bounced like crazy by me.  It's a good workout for me too.  Then we trade.  They try and bounce me and they are absolutely SPENT by the time they are done.  Teach them safe moves to try and just be there with them.  One fantastic move is to lay on your back and try and "kick" your way up and down over and over again always landing on your back.  The ab workout you get is ridic.  Go try it. Set a time to bounce for...I usually go for 5 minutes straight.  Your abs will be blazing. The options are endless.IMG_8266

  13. Join a class with them...What do your kids enjoy? Are you willing to do it with them? The answer should be yes.  We expect our kids to do what we want 99% of the time.  Why not try something that they want.  I hope Ella wants to take a martial art when she's older.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take a class like that with her.  For real!  Kid-Karate

  14. Backyard sports...The lovely thing about playing anything in your backyard is the privacy.  Not to be stereotypical, but most moms out there are not former college softball players like myself.  They may have a little less experience in all sports, so they may not want people watching them try and attempt sports with their kids.  Don't be embarrassed with your skill level.  If you give them SOME skills at a young age they will pick up on it and run with it.  Paddle or racquet sports are a great non-intimidating way to introduce sports.  Who is really THAT awesome at badminton?? Not me.  But the hand-eye coordination that they will start to form will benefit them in all sports, and just real life in general.  DON'T be embarrassed.  You may actually find that you are better at some things than you thought.          badminton

  15. Be their role model...Just like everything in your child's life, YOU are their window to the world.  Physical activity is no different.  If you don't expect your kids to say please and thank you, they won't.  If you don't expect your kids to get off their butts and do something, they won't.  Your expectations of them need to be high.  You may just find a new form of bonding as well.


The reason our kids enjoy fitness is because we have introduced it to them over and over again.  I hope you enjoy these new activities.  Your future P.E. teachers are thanking you in advance.  I can't handle the eye rolling anymore.  Ha Ha

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Summer Bootcamp




I am running a Teacher/Mommy/Friend boot camp this summer.  It is so exciting.

I am excited to do something that is bigger than my own health.  I am excited to do something that so many people need.  I am excited to try and help others who don’t know where to start.

Let me explain this Boot Camp.  First of all…don’t be scared off by the name “Boot Camp.”  I promise not to inflict pain on anyone.  I am not a drill sergeant.  In fact, I won’t be anywhere near you while you are working out :)   How much work you get out of these workouts will be completely up to YOU.  You will choose how fast you run/walk.  You will choose how hard you work on the exercises.  I am just the set up gal.

We will meet before we begin, and I will teach/show  you the exercises for the day.

You will then be on your own.  Run/Walk a lap.  Then you will complete one of the exercises.  Then Repeat…and Repeat…and Repeat…until you feel done.


I will be providing balls and play stuff to entertain the kids.  There will be footballs, kickballs, hula hoops, and more.  The kids can play while we work on our fitness.  The track is also stroller friendly.  I have a double jogging stroller that I probably won’t be using.  Its not illegal for only one kid to sit in it…so if anyone wants to borrow it I can totally bring it. And if you have “older kids” I would NOT be sad if they A) Participated or B) Helped with the little kids.  This is very family friendly, and the more we can help each other the better!!!

Now the details…

Where: CMS Track

When: 9am every MON, WED, and FRI

Who: Whoever needs to get healthy.

Contact: Haley Karayiannis for any questions  Haleyv6@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you and  your families here to get healthy and fit this summer!!

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